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Planetary Weather Forecast October 2016 – Laying Foundations

October gets jump-started again with a New Moon, a lucky but also moody one. It’ll blow things up, at any rate! It’s like a boost to kick off a month that will reveal its true grit later… around a stormy, very headstrong Full Moon mid-month. That one looks like a summary of the last years, from 2011 up to now. Think about who you were then, what happened in-between and who you are now. It’s most likely like a complete make-over. We live in a time when change happens faster and faster, and we get the chance to develop ourselves in 5 years more than older generations in half a lifetime…

Spending Sprees

The first part of October is Libra Season, with still a bit of backlog from September’s fast and demanding pace. The first week looks pretty calm, with possibly some parties and perhaps one or the other spending spree/beauty action. Watch your account if you’re not royal. There’s a surplus of energy available that can push us to do something stupid – don’t climb too high a ladder when you fix your new lamps/curtains/gold framed mirrors over your king size bed.

Surprise Surprise...

The second week of October sees some new ground. Finally we are truly ready to go. Old hurts and topics can be left behind for good. This won’t be all smooth and easy, but one chapter will close.  And then there’ll be a true kick-ass Full Moon mid-month that will give us the needed momentum to finally go, do, act… Or you’ll have the guts to let go of a topic, a person, a dream, that you’ve fought for or with for some years. Either way it’s likely to be intense.

Building Time

This month brings the passage of Mars through Capricorn where he is very strong. This only happens every eighteen months. Use this constructive energy!! Grab some bricks and mortar and build something that can withstand a storm… paint your world in new colors. This time sees real progress in areas you’ve been busy with during 2012-15. Some things can finally take shape and move ahead in a constructive way. After so much processing and emotions this year, now it’s time for a step into outer reality.  

Down the Rabbithole

The month ends with another New Moon to bring us deeper into Scorpio Season, November, when all the leaves are brown and the light is gray… and the Soul can regenerate by remembering that before each beginning, what is old must turn to dust.  But first, October!



1st Libra New Moon close to lucky Jupiter… Stay calm, eat cake, and better your relationships! It’s the moment to propose or file a divorce. Both will bring you luck. Hopefully you know which is which as Libra has notorious decision problems… You might also need the cake to compensate for an underlying tension. This New Moon can create dramas like a Full Moon, watch out!

5th/6th Action alert!! We can get some friction here between the part of us that wants to chill and is senselessly optimistic, and the part that tells us that we finally got to go to work, seriously!! The result can be a furious push ahead or a frustrating energy overload that’ll leave us feeling empty after self-indulging. Your call! (Mars SquareJupiter)

7th Pioneer day. You’ll have the iron will power to keep pushing forward even if you didn’t the other day… at any rate, we’re turning a new page today. New thoughts, a fresh breeze ;) (Sun Square Pluto, Mercury enters Libra, out of shadow)

9th Another disciplined day. Push it baby one more time! Watch out for deep emotions that you can’t fully express, or power games. Suppressed rage can be a problem (Moon conjunct Pluto)

11th /12th Time for a daaark romaaaaaance! Try getting to terms with the intensity of your emotions and drives – maybe something old pops up. Acceptance and self-compassion (not, self-pity!!) are key. Then, you can act on making a dream come true – and act with more compassion, too (Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune, Mars )

14th A day for healing and getting in touch with your own self. Intimately. Warts and all! If you don’t pracitice self-acceptance, you might hurt yourself and back stab your own soul. You could also have a healing moment with a woman, your mom or your roots (Moon conjunct Chiron)

16th A big fat Full Moon. Very strong stuff. Emotions will run high, and be completely unpredictable. There’s luck involved, but that luck might come to us through a lot of surprising, even upsetting moments. And it seems that the conscious, adult person is the one we should be using not the erratic inner toddler (Full Moon conjunct Uranus)

18th We’ll have a love for the outdoors for the next three weeks… Hiking under red leaves and inhaling the clear crisp mountain air end that time in the Boudoir, and any brooding over finances or recent losses (Venus enters Sagittarius)

19th/20th Two days of deep passion, or deep anything – if it’s rage, be aware that this might not be the moment to act on a whim. The power these days hold is only at our disposal every two years. It’s like having a major tune-up in your car, you can go really much faster than before but you might also crash if you don’t hold the horses… (Mars conjunct Pluto)

23th How fitting that after those deep encounters of the last days, the overall mood gets darker too… not in a negative sense necessarily, just, more profound. Nature is moving into fall seriously now…. We will need to turn up the heating in the Northern hemisphere and cuddle. Leave the lights out for some time and just sit with a candle, pondering the mystery of life… (Sun into Scorpio)

24th/25th Communications get more profound and our mind turns away from niceties. If anything was shoved under the carpet during play-nice-and-fair Libra season, it’s likely to come up in the next three weeks. Perhaps even today! Death-Sex-and/or Taxes may be on your mind... (Mercury in Scorpio)

28th A pleasant day… come what may! You could feel totally sentimental and/or generous today. Don’t hesitate to invite someone dear for dinner. If you do, go easy on the cream. You'll make a heavy desert for sure or plunder the fridge :) (Moon conjunct Jupiter)

28th/29th Watch your nerves today and “don’t operate heavy machinery”. We get a boost of nervous energy that can revolutionize something in our lives or if we don’t use it actively, we’ll get a surprise problem popping up out of nowhere… (Mars square Uranus)

30th/31st A good time for a conversation about a past hurt, in which you’ll show forgiveness and compassion but only after having talked things through unsparingly. Get your wishes out there, your deep desires, someone – the universe – is listening..!! (Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune)

Happy October everyone!!