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New Moon October 1st, 2016 – New Beginnings

Around the Libra New Moon, we’ll want all things to be just, fair, shared, beautiful and mostly painless. October promises to be golden! At least compared to August and September. Step by step we’re moving out of the danger zone. You can let down your shoulders, take a deep breath and relax. Not everything is going to be totally rosy and cosy. But this New Moon is a big step out of that tight spot we’ve come to call home…

Mr. Big

The closeness of Jupiter at the New Moon shows that feelings will be big, we’ll want to expand and open up new horizons. This can happen most fruitfully by cooperating and meting out justice. Fairness, optimism, playing with open cards (well almost…) are well starred. Jupiter in Libra brings justice and peace like a good judge or fair divorce lawyer lol! Or big daddy overseeing who gets what candy. No, you already had three chocolates, now it’s your sister’s turn!

Off with their heads

Watch out for greed and over-indulging in luxury,  food, and wasting money. We might want to turn our bedroom in a boudoir worthy of Louis XIV but we don’t necessarily have plundered a neighbouring dukedom before or confiscated some heretic’s domains. Also think about what happened to those French noblepeopleat the end of the day. Heads were rolling most literally… Whoever becomes too snobbish, wasteful, arrogant or laissez-faire, can also make enemies and forego the beautiful chance this New Moon holds.

Busy Bees

In all likelihood, the first two weeks of the month will still see us cleaning up a bit of the messes and backlog of the last months (years…). Some people might have to contend with tax checks or the like. So work on that red tape! It’ll keep you grounded if your ego inflates. We’ll still have to take care of everyday life, even if you’re freshly in love and you bought silken bedware or something along these lines. Or, you decided (both parties, presumably) to separate amiably and open up to a new cycle of opportunities!  Both are beautiful options actually. Brangelina should have waited just a few weeks –divorce would have had less danger of becoming a mess.

Pretty Women

Jupiter will be on a most fortunate star during the New Moon, too. It’s a star associated with whores – which means, the Sacred Feminine in disguise. This time is very auspicious for all kinds of debauchery then, if possible with a tantric edge. Whatever happens stays in Vegas! On a more romantic note, it’s time for Richard Gere to get into his little red corvette and drive Julia Roberts to the place where her horses run free… Yes dear men, if you do have a goddess in your lives, you should go down… aehm… get down on your knees and fumble for that little box asap. At least that would be using the moment to its fullest potential haha!!

Baby You Got Me Intoxicated…

A lot of dark and mysterious Glam is in the air with Venus in Scorpio in easy flow with Neptune in Pisces… that’s the femme fatale, the movie star, the mystery beauty on the Orient Express… “Everybody is looking at her, but she’s looking at you-u-u-huuu…” Romantic fantasies, dreams and projections are likely but will probably stay in a healthy framework. However be aware: all those love alliances, business with friends might require deep intimacy, shared resources, and shared emotions. Did you know your fiance has depressive episodes? Did you find out your new business partner is three deep in debt? Do those background checks before getting drunk on rose wine, shooting up whipped cream and downing MDMA like a couple in midlife crisis…

Aim High

Thankfully enough, there will be energy that’s realistic and goal-oriented. Mars is finally out of Sagittarius and now in matter of fact, sober Capricorn. On a star that promises firm leadership and overview. This is a good counterweight to any overblown, overoptimistic, and overenthusiastic mischief Jupiter, sun and moon might get up to… It’s also a reminder not to lose your own goals out of sight. You need to shoot those arrows, or nothing will move into the future.

Plumbing Checks

Last but not least, the long standing structure/dissolution, reality/dream problems that we’ve been forced to face this year are still not fully resolved. October promises to be the stage for more of it to unfold. And there can be a last pass. Really last pass. Of that same old or new old heartbreak/pain that has been hitting so many people since last year and esp. this February and August/September. There will probably be a message, talk, or insight about it that allows you to let it go once and for all.

On a dark desert highway ---

Things that unfold over the next two weeks look pretty karmic. Crossroads with no lights on… it’s the dark of the moon. But darkness is the space that protects the sprouts until they are strong enough to face the light. And the sprouts of October will be a very fertile bunch! Completely new roads can open up. Roads of new partnership, new cooperations, new win-win situations… You’ll be able to leave old obsessions and problems behind in the rear view mirror. Just don’t check in at the Hotel California. And don’t fly like a moth to the flame. Rather, turn your gaze to the dark sky and know the moon is there, even if you can’t see it. In time, it will grow full again. Don’t lose faith if your life feels upside down. Life is like the moon, sometimes empty, sometimes full. Happy New Moon!!

And a special congratulations to all early Libras. You have a year full of expansion in front of you. Don’t go overboard but enjoy the buffet ;)