transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 - Smoke on the Water

This Full Moon is in dreamy Pisces but still it’s red hot, glowing and intense. There’s a lot of planets lining up in aspect to the Sun and Moon, so expect a very busy time! We might have to hit the ground running while also dealing with hurts and aggression. Ambulance staff beware... We'll be pushed to go to war but have to stay with integrity and not strike out of hurt.

Unfinished Business

Be prepared for overwhelm. This Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces/Virgo looks like the climax of the topics that have kept us sleepless this year. As it's an eclipse, the feeling of urgency will be strong. But we won't be able to tie up all lose ends in a couple of days, so be patient! Existential fears or just good old (German ;)) Angst might whip us into a frenzy. But with Mercury being retrograde and all we might just stumble through the office bumping into people or spilling coffee on our keyboard... take it easy for Goddess' sake!!

It's Weltschmerz o'clock

The days surrounding this Full Moon can already bring a lot of stumbling & bumbling. Expect minor (hopefully not major) mishaps, accidents and mood fluctuations that will make pms look like a seaside vacation. Sensitivity will be through the roof and skins thin. However, what triggers us can unmask sore points that we usually hide quite well, while they fester and eat away at our well-being. Use this Moon to acknowledge your insecurities and sensitivity!! Be easy on yourself and others.

Tick Tick... 

The energy around the Lunar Eclipse is raw, sensitive, fiery and explosive. You’ll feel like you’re on the Fire Brigade – any minute, an emergency can come in and down the pole you go!! Fast & furious action, or equally furious fights are possible. Be REALLY careful while driving, crossing the street, cutting, exercising or working in the household, otherwise those sirens might blare for you.

... Baaaaang!

People will have a ridiculously short fuse for the next few days. Just remember, a Lunar Eclipse is an extra-charged Full Moon. Things can definitly become emotional! Anger or rash action can rise up compulsively and will be hard to stop. Shoot first, ask later may occur - hopefully not literally.  On the other hand, this Full Moon can really clear the air. An event that deeply upsets or irritates you could reveal its meaning later on - sometimes healing can really hurt!!

Imaginary Foes

The Moon in Pisces gives a tendency to take fantasy for reality and get lost in imagined slights or other people's feelings. It’s crucial that you distinguish between reality demanding action, and projecting neurotic fears... At this Eclipse, acting out is a real no-go. Apply wisdom, sleep, exercise and / or therapy to calm down your nervous system and get out of fight-or-flight responses. Unless a real emergency arises of course. Then you can use some adrenaline ;)

Delayed Gratification

After all those last weeks of still-not-there and still-a-lot-of-work-to-do we just want to break free, forget civic life and run into the desert or with the wild horses. We are chomping at the bit and all ready to gooooo... However, emotional complications and/or that nasty backlog on the to-do-list, or even a health problem, can hold us back from following our adventure. One way to deal with frustration is to go ahead and do your thing. You'll probably feel new vigour when striking out on your own. Just don't burn the bridges...

Where is the Love?

This Full Moon could bring some rewarding love experiences, if only for the short term. That fiery, impulsive energy could find an outlet through vigorous… ahem, flirting... Also, some of the anger issues can be resolved through sociability. So if the lone wolf doesn't work, find your way back to the tribe! Gentleness, love, harmony, friendship and cooperation are the saving graces of the moment. Picture a pair of Scales: Venus in Libra asks us to be considerate and not to push past the tipping point.

Big Daddy

In the background of this crazy eclipse, cosmic benefector Jupiter adds some sense of justice and the wish to reconcile differences to the picture. We might need to clear some details and go into the bothersome small print if we avoided doing so before. Still, things might go through the roof - world policy, our temper, or the gas oven. Seriously, pay attention, especially to anything concerning fire, weapons, risktaking, sports..!! Whatever explodes will probably be fuelled by conflicts that we’ve been neglecting for far too long. But the revolutionary spirit of this Full Moon cannot be contained...

The Deeds of Our (Great/Grand/)Fathers

Old hurts are resurfacing and demand solution, personally and collectively! In North Dakota, Native Americans protest against an oil pipeline threatening their river. The tribes were cheated of their lands, and their rights, a long time ago, and the story continues. But this time, more non-native people understand that damage to land and water is hurting them, too... With Jupiter in Libra, it looks like the scales are tilted towards fairness for once. This Lunar Eclipse is a call to justice or else face the wrath of the warriors. Be loyal then, be fair, live with integrity. Happy Full Moon! Aho.