transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

September 2016 Astro Weather – Harvest Time!!

If September were a dish, it would be bone broth: very simple & boiled down to the essential. Projects, major shifts, and problems of the last three months are coming to a zero point of clarity, and accountability. Cards on the table, Messieursdames!! Don’t try to cheat as that could have repercussions of karmic dimensions…

Hammer it Home

The month starts with a hammer of a Solar Eclipse to light the way… through the dark… That clear-cut celestial event is like an omen for the whole month. No frills. Just a direct message to take responsibility and move ahead while solving the problems that have accumulated since the fall of last year. That hammer will hit you on the head if you don't nail your issues...

Virgo Remedies

Messenger Mercury turned retrograde at the very end of August and will stay retrograde during the first three thirds of September. It’ll clean up the last crumbs of messes we’ve made, details we’ve overlooked, sloppy mistakes and duties uncared for. Mercury has turned in his tracks just before entering the sign of relationships, Libra, and moves back into Virgo. We will have a lot of thinking to do before committing to anything in a relationship, signing contracts, or finalizing a project. There’s some work at our desks or on our yoga mats still to be done before slacking off in sensuous, slightly lazy Libra territory…

Hearts & Hurts

For many people, 2016 was a year of tough love. It seems that some heart aches and old wounds still need extra attention and stitches. Mercury rules operations, and Virgo is the sign of surgeons and nurses. So be prepared for more healing and more aches… probably culminating for the Full Moon mid-month. That moon will shine a bright light on any relationship imbalances and especially wounds related to care, carelessness, and self-esteem.
Come early October, we will receive a last and conclusive lesson and then move forward into fall with a lot of old and in some cases ancient hurts cleared up for good! (October 2nd, Mercury opposition Chiron for the last and third time)

Happy & Lucky

We will get our fair share of luck and happiness this month however because Jupiter changes signs in September. The cosmic benefactor will enter Libra, and give us a much-needed boost in fairness, optimism and luck. It’s a little patch-up for the last and third exact hit of the Saturn-Neptune square of crumbling structures, desillusionment, and stark reality busting our dreams that happens around the same date. (Jupiter into Libra Sept. 9th, last square of Saturn and Neptune exact on September 10th)

Pain Relief

The end of the month promises some relief. We’re slowly moving out of the Karma-zone! Come October, we’ll start more and more to apply the painful and/or revolutionary lessons in a productive way. Ages-old illusions will be cleared. Good! We need that to move ahead into new waters. We’ll finally have pondered things enough, lived out some heated or profound debates about our values, and the bigger picture of it all, and then will be able to make things happen in our lives.
(Pluto direct on the 26th, in positive aspect to Mercury; Saturn slowly getting out of the square with Neptune, Mars into Capricorn on September 27th, Neptune at the South node in October)

How Deep is Your Love?

At the end of the month, relationships and relating – to a certain extent, also finances – will become less sweet and airy fairy. We’ll want to get to the bottom of things. Niceness and cupcakes won’t cut it anymore. As the nights grow longer, we want a companion who won’t mind our darkness and some deep sea diving, or shared accounts. Generally, there’ll be less anxiety and more optimism and big-heartedness around at the end of the month… about time!!!
(Venus into Scorpio 23rd. Sun conjunct Jupiter September 27)


1st Expect a major clean-up of everything unkempt in your life. This is a call to responsible behaviour, discipline. Don't forget the bigger picture… empathy and realism need to be balanced out for us to move forward!! This day has the potential for a lot of clarity and/or overwhelm (New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo)

3rd It’s the weekend and to compensate for that New Moon’s rigour we’ll be craving a day with our loved ones, some big helpings of cake and a cuddle party afterwards. (Moon conj. Venus)

7th An interesting day. You’ll have the chance of deep and meaningful encounters today, especially with men - your father, teacher, boss... Authority figures should be more accessible today but you also can tap into some power (Sun trine Pluto, Venus trine Saturn)

8th / 9th Oopssss!! It seems that we’ll feel some repercussions of the Eclipse – did you take action yet, or what are you waiting for? Someone or something could give you a little kick in the butt to get you going. It needn’t be a hard one – perhaps you’ll discover that getting to work is actually empowering. (Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, square Neptune)

10th A good day to muster courage to really get down to it. Whatever “it” is for you – your messy house, the old storage, writing your screenplay, clearing things up with your alcolholic father or spouse… finding the discipline to swim every day to lose weight… whatever it is, tackle it! This is a chance to mend hurt feeling through discipline and action (Saturn square Neptune, Mercury rx opp. Chiron)

11th If you cleared things up yesterday you might have used a bit of coercive techniques – or the other one did? These days have the potential to challenge power structures in your relationships. Or your bank account. (Venus square Pluto)

12th/13th Download days! Two Brilliant days to talk, listen, write, sing, publish, think, conceptualize, discuss without anger… Use this day whichever way suits you best to expand your mind!! (Sun conjunct/cazimi Mercury in Virgo)

14th/15th Oops… Today you could feel like dreaming away, but that to-do-list keeps popping up in the back of your head. Dreams could bring a past(life) memory that's real but perhaps harsh to deal with. Watch out because you might slip back into an old habit - light your first cigarette after two months of struggling to stop...  Generally, there’s a tendency for irritability, anger, and taking things much too personally esp. if someone touches an old wound. Watch for explosive people and avoid crowds. Emotional drama can deteriorate into real violence – pay attention!!  (Moon conj. Neptune, conj. South Node, square Saturn; Sun/Mercury square Mars on a nasty fixed star)

16th A very emotional day. Potentially healing but probably more in hindsight… you may be too busy with digesting hurt feelings or perhaps you’ll just be very sensitive towards the world today in a good way. Anger can come up, or you experience tension and anger from others. It’s an excellent day for therapy and creatively expressing emotions. (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces conj. Chiron)

17th/18th Two days for decisive and unexpected action! You might be attracted to people different from your usual pattern, and you might even have a fling completely out of the blue. Use the day to fire up something you’ve postponed for a longer time. You’ll have enough energy if you don’t spend it all flirting or in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter). Temper runs high too!! (Mars trine Uranus, Mars sextile Venus, Venus square Uranus, Moon conj. Uranus on the 18th)

19th You’ll still be able to enjoy some lovely surprising energy. What you want and what you do are more in unison. Or it’s a relaxed breakfast with the person who stayed over yesterday haha!! (Venus sextile Mars ;))

22nd Wow!! A day of change. Don’t try to fix things yet, wait some days before making final decisions or giving the thumbs up/down to people. If you travel today, pay extra attention to schedules and luggage. You can have some deep insights/encounters and want to get to the bottom of things. Superficial chats won’t satisfy… Nerves might be frazzled today and feelings of overwhelm can come up. But you’ll be able to tap into some inner power… (Mercury retrograde ends, Mercury trine Pluto, sun into Libra, Moon in Gemini triggers Saturn/Neptune square)

23rd A little shift in relationships… Take those superficial people pleasers away!! We want deep, intense contacts and prefer the truth to glossing over things just to be nice… On the other hand, we’ll naturally gravitate towards harmony and pleasant things for the next four weeks. (Venus enters Scorpio, Sun into Libra)

26th What a breather… a happy, harmonious if somewhat pompous day. Think big today and give out a big smile to the beautiful world!! It’s a day to enlarge your horizons and to have enlightening and fun conversations (Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury starts to accelerate out of station)

27th The days around the 27th brim with… power. Intensity. Depth. We will start to influence the world again and be a little less concerned with self-development (Pluto direct at 14 Capricorn)

28th Another powerful day. We’ll be very motivated to take action for our career and long-term goals. Minding the details won’t be above us, as they’re part of success!! This continues well into October so roll up your sleeves (Mars enters Capricorn, sextile Moon in Virgo)