transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon Solar Eclipse September 2016 – Heavy Duty

The astrology of this New Moon is not complicated. In fact, it's as simple as a punch to the face. You’ll know what hit you... after a moment ;) Whether the Eclipse knocks you out or kicks off a breakthrough depends on your attitude. Let’s hope you did your homework this summer! September's New Moon is the culmination of many months' worth of development.

Push it Real Good

Astrologically, this Virgo New Moon is a no-brainer. It triggers the tension between dream planet Neptune and reality planet Saturn, the most important aspect of 2016. Our sense of reality, the way we fulfill our duties and work for our dreams are under a lot of pressure. September brings the culmination of issues, conflicts and wishes that have been around since late 2015. We’ll all have to push or our muscles don't build. In a different picture, if we don't push we can’t give birth… you don't want to suffocate your baby do you?! September is birth time. Push and take action!! (Neptune- Saturn squares: November 2015, June 2016,  September 10th.)

Reaping what we sowed

Solar Eclipses are always fateful. This one especially so as Saturn is involved. Books will be balanced and lessons meted out. It's harvest time... The Virgo Eclipse will sever some ties for good before it reboots us. It’ll stay in effect until early next year. It's a reminder: do your stuff, take care of yourself, be responsible. What needs to happen will happen. The question is, will you do it or let circumstances force the necessary change on you? (New Moon close to the north node in Virgo, square Saturn).

Awaken the Giant...

Taking action requires practical steps but also something else. We need to connect to higher powers and higher goals to manage with our everyday duties and tackle changes. Our motivation must go deeper than just deadline pressure, money, or a sense of duty. We’re talking about a hero’s motivation here... ;) Hercules didn’t clean the stables between 9-5 waiting for the next coffee break. He accomplished his tasks because he was compelled to do so by awe for the gods and responsibility for other people. And he got his power from the gods too. Actually, from the goddess (Greek HERAcles – Hera’s champion).

Pacha Mama

So where is she? The only planet in fixed signs that gives us ground to push from seriously is a mother goddess, (dwarf) planet Ceres in Earth Sign Taurus. Ceres is a protectress who will allow no human, no plant and no insect to die out of carelessness. She reminds us that taking care of life is the most important purpose of all. Ceres is the goddess of motherly love, too, protecting all kinds of birthings and labors. Good… keep pushing… don’t give up… breathe, breathe!!! ;)

Birth Complications

For some people, the strain will be too much and they might slip a disc or crack mentally. One of September's straws could break your back... We are in a cosmic pressure cooker. Keep an eye on friends and family!! And yourself, or course. On the other hand, if you are too stuck in the petty life, a breakdown of a dream, a project, a relationship or even a bone may be necessary to come back to yourself and to drop blind obedience, lack of initiative and small-minded expectations.

Cuddle Party

We'll also have some sweet moments and relief from all that tension though! Love and relationship planet Venus is in Libra where she's strong and influencial. We’ll compromise here and there, be easier on ourselves and others despite a lot of pressure. A love of harmony, beauty, design, and comfort eating are in the books... We'll compensate for our hard work and stress with sugar, chips, and not-going-to-the-gym (add girls' pyjama party with manicure and chocolate to the menu). For once that’s ok because hey, we need a little something to keep us going in between the labor pains!


Energywise, we should be feeling ready for whatever comes our way. There's a pioneering spirit and lust for adventure in that crisp September air... We’ve faced a lot of very scary things the last months and come out stronger. Sadly, not everyone stayed on board. Whoever is still alive however can plug into this fresh, adventurous energy and master the challenges with courage. Even behind a break down there is something new to discover... Just think of the fall of the Berlin Wall. There is potential for miraculous break-throughs this month!! (Mars out of retrograde shadow moving into new territory in Sagittarius.)

Bring a Map and Mind the Details

The time still calls for some humbleness, preparation and dilegence. Those sneakers look cool, but “Just do it” might not be the motto of the month. You’ll need to follow the practical steps required for your grand vision or new project. There's a lot of support around for necessary re-visions and ploughing through the backlog. September is a month to revisit, revise, and take confident but very mindful steps on a steep mountain ridge, towards a brighter future... Keep your eyes open. And don't play on your mobile while you walk that ridge!! (Jupiter in late Virgo, Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter, Mars in Sagittarius)

New World Order

We’re in the process of bringing something new into existence. It’s happening in real life, and it's messy. So don’t punish yourself if you feel overwhelmed. Don't hesitate to get help either, from friends, coaches, therapists, doctors... Especially the males who try to live up to some "I'm the man" thing. This Solar Eclipse holds a lot of power and a lot of magic. Whether you step on your new path yourself, someone pushes you, or you first fall flat on your face - you'll find yourself on a new path. Happy Eclipse everyone!!