transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon August 2016 – Unique!

This Moon is pretty wild, but in a good way. It’s in humanistic, future-minded and artistic late Aquarius, and will throw a lot of surprises in our way. Mostly good ones ;) Expect the next two weeks to be - different! We'll get a chance for profound change in our relationships, too.

My Way

The Full Moon opposes a flamboyant and energetic Leo sun. Individuality and identity will take center stage, as will issues of belonging and/or preferring to go it alone. That needn’t be bad! A graceful connection to Uranus during this Full Moon suggests that we will manage to strike a balance between being our own weird self and relating to others. Sitting down and writing your own declaration of independence, a manifesto of your life, or what you want and don’t want to see in it would be another good way to use this time.

Strike, struck, struck

Leo is the sign of the heart and lovers, Aquarius is the sign of groups and friendships. Some of the things that happen will involve people who are special to us. Lightning can strike around this Full Moon, when you least expect it perhaps. This might even happen literally so keep an eye on the sky… Events may appear charged, bulbs may blow, and the air will crackle. I hope your pace maker is in shape or your heart might miss a beat… Not only love, also realizations, changes, and sudden turns of events can strike like a bolt from the blue.

Heart Over Heels

Love is extra-powerful around the Full Moon due to a strong connection of love planet Venus and intensity planet Pluto. It looks like some of those sudden events could lead to something more lasting... At any rate, we’ll have the chance to use whatever happens to head in a new direction and leave something (or someone?) else behind for good. The only thing is, a decision problem might occur... we want to attach ourselves, to jump right in, and we also want to stay detached and celebrate our freedom. Maybe this time it’s the girls who'll keep a cool head and go all rational, whereas some men may discover their hearts lol!

Growing Pains

Whatever happens, some of it will be BIG. We’re in for a strong teaching, or healing of some kind. Alas, there might be an initial pain like when the doctor sticks the syringe in your a… rm. We WILL feel that one… perhaps in form of a motivating little shock concerning your health, diet, a pet or your job, the way we communicate, learning and philosophy... It'll strike right home, whatever it is. The key is not to get lost in emotions or feel like the victim. Instead, roll up the sleeves and find fast, innovative and practical solutions to your dilemma!

Attention Please!

That painful stab could be something physical, too. Pay attention then that your Full Moon party doesn’t get out of hand. You don’t want to have to call an ambulance because someone broke their toes, got totally intoxicated, fell into the pool, grabbed a split cable or a combination of all of the above… Don’t overdo things, really stay attentive and don’t think you’re above minding the details, safety instructions. Or general decency… don’t get high on yourself, someone might just ram up something somewhere painful otherwise.

Easy Listening

If you stay on your toes, then that cosmic infusion could turn out to be an amazing brew. It can even signify some steps in physical healing, esp. with nerve problems, tension in the upper body, diet and movement. You might get some real benefit from things like yoga and hands on therapy around this Full Moon. The more you manage to stay in touch with yourself, even if it hurts, the more powerful that learning can be. On a different level, we might get involved in enlightening conversations, and learn how to communicate, learn, or teach, in a more humane, respectful, empathic and attentive way.

Thank Goddess We're Human

Accepting our own humanity is key for this Moon. Don’t strive for super-human perfection. We ARE superheroes. But we are not made from steel, we do hurt, we can’t fly (mostly), and we definitly do mistakes sometimes. Here’s where communication kicks in. It’s all ok if we can talk to each other like two human beings, eye to eye, and clear things up. Words can hurt, but words can also bring healing. There's some real big learning chance for this planet in this simple realization. So practice!!

Birds On A Wire

Mercury is close to Jupiter which brings a lot of luck, optimism and benevolence into the general atmosphere. We’ll have a big need – indeed, urge – for freedom, too. In your enthusiams, don’t force your freedom on others and don’t break free abruptly unless you’re trying to get away from a psychopath. Among decent human beings, keep your empathy levels high and find a way to be free WITH someone, instead of cutting someone off.


We’ll have ample opportunities for fun, and unique ways of expressing ourselves. Go show your unique, quirky side to the world. When you don't hide your real self, your partner and friends can finally be more free too!  Heal yourself and don’t let anyone play doctor/nurse for you. The Piscean Era is almost over, this Full Moon can be our start to the Age of Aquarius!!! Instead of trying to save each other and ending up co-dependant, we’ll have to learn how to relate to each other as unique individuals who lead their own lives but who want to have fun together…

Preparedness is All

In fact, use this golden moment. The time until the next New Moon on September 1st will be pretty turbulent and stir up old problems - as well as new shiny opportunites. It’s a good idea to take that healing syringe, wrest it from the nurse’s hand if necessary, and put it in ourselves! Humane, responsible, but being ourselves and not compromising freedom. That may save our collective asses the next weeks. Enjoy the ride!!


Full Moon Super Short Summary


This Full Moon brings some big opportunities. It'll be easier to be yourself, "warts and all" ;). We can learn how to not compromise our freedom and uniqueness but still be considerate with others. Communication is key! Don't overlook details and stay responsible. Around this Full Moon, expect things to go differently than planned, and go with the flow! Likely those unexpected turns will lead you to something interesting. We're in for some shake-ups and potentially very healing events and encounters. Stay responsible (I repeat), don't fall into victim mode, but see everything as a learning experience. Fun is also in the books so don't get stressed and serious either ;) Enjoy!!


Love is in the air... at least, electricity. You could be hit by a bolt from the blue or be stabbed in the back - whatever happens, it'll likely be for your higher good so don't start playing the victim ;) You might have some completely unexpected but very powerful encounters or moments. Whatever happens can either be fleeting like lightning or turn into something that changes your way of relating in love and relationships. Just know that both are equally ok if you see what happens as a step to being more of your own unique self with others. It's going to be interesting. Check it out!