transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon July 2016 – Coming Home

This New Moon shines brightly although it is dark. We get a big chance to solve whatever problems have surfaced during the last months, even years. One layer of obstacles is gone, Mars is direct and we can take action again... but in a new way! This moon asks us to act based on our deepest feelings. Trust your intuition!



If you're looking for Devotion...

The New Moon happens in Cancer, close to fixed star Sirius. Sirius is part of constellation Orion, it is one of Orion’s hunting dogs; in Egypt it was connected to Isis. This moon then is loyal, it's tenacious, and it's for all the pack-love people out there. We will follow our instinct and start running only if it's a homerun... this moon brings devotion back. 


In July, we'll definitly put the clan first, and that can be family, friends or fellow countrypeople. Or our soccer team. The danger here is that things could become a little too patriotic. Let's hope no-one will pour more oil into the fire of xenophobia and nationalism - Britain, US, Europe, and the rest of the world come to mind... Cancer can put on a thick shell out of fear, and be real stubborn. So many planets in Cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus) also make people touchy!! If you lose your nerves and your temper, just remember that we're all in the same boat this month. Being nice actually calms down cranky crabs.

Soul Call

But there's more to water sign Cancer than this. Cancer, not Scorpio, rules the depth of our being, our roots, both biological ancestors and other lifetimes. In July, we could receive some very interesting and soul-moving messages about ourselves, our roots, our loved ones. Whether those come from Orion or Africa, or how many legs they have, doesn't really matter. Sensitive People will feel a call to connect to their soul tribe. Only this connection can cure our deep pain and deep longing... our longing to belong...

Open Gates

The New Moon has an direct connection to Neptune in Pisces. Collectively, we’re being inundated by something intangible. Dreams might get epic or prophetic. Maybe a long-forgotten part in us starts waking up - the part connected to everything, the watery, oceany part. Life on earth started in that place of oneness, no-mind, no-boundaries... The uterus and the ocean are places of dreaming where the world as it is comes into existance. What will happen if we remember our dreaming power!!

Healthy Boundaries

There will be a wish to just dream away or otherwise escape reality though that's not productive. The heat is on for us to to deal with the the practical requirements of life (yes Saturn is still around lol!). We’ll have to find original, clever solutions to our problems. We might have to curb something, to put some borders somewhere, in order to set things right. Emotional intelligence is key here. We'll need to be guided by intuition and yet be sober in handling our stuff. It’ll be like sailing. You stear, but let the water carry you. We need to trust again, and to put that trust in the right places!

Through Hell and Back

The Moon is giving a friendly nod to the destiny axis of the lunar nodes. Whatever we do, we have a kind of cosmic wind in our backs. Staying flexible is paramount. Especially this week, feelings of pressure, existential fears and primal urges for security might surface. If they do, don’t start manipulating and putting pressure on others – or yourself. Know that anyway, the next four weeks have a big potential to transform a long- standing problem. Trust, remember? Trust the water will carry you and set the sails...

Game Over

Venus is very important for this lunation. The love planet is just leaving an opposition to Pluto. Breaking free of the chains of obsession. When you obsess about someone, you’re not really with them! That's not love, it's a control game. Venus now wants to free herself from that kind of games. In love then, we're asked to go really deep too, to trust, and to go really deep - did I mention that? Venus connects to lover Mars and healer Chiron - there is a chance to balance care and passion, emotions and sex. One without the other will not satisfy. We can heal some old and in some cases ancient wounds...

Twin Flames

Venus is on an important fixed star for this Moon, Castor in the Twins. Castor was a Horse Tamer and the mortal Twin. To me that spells love for animals, and someone who is able to love fully human, with the risk of being hurt, with the courage to really connect. Venus makes contact with Chiron for the New Moon. Embracing your humanity is what Chiron signifies - he was a Centaur after all, Horse-Man, balancing his power and instinct nature with his human creativity and intelligence. So the love we experience this month could be deep love, empathy and healing for our own instinctual, animal part. You are your First Soul Mate... Happy Sailing!!

Heart Expansion

Venus connects with Jupiter for this Moon, too, so even more thumbs up for love and dollars. I don’t know about Pound and Euro ;( Seriously, some deep relief from the tension of the last – ahem – years?!! can come our way in July. Even the ongoing profound and upsetting changes CAN work for our benefit. The thing is to stay connected, to draw strenght out of the depth of our being, even from old pain, even from old anger, frustation, loneliness. Connect. Connect with your body, your emotions, the earth, the water, and wake up to this amazing dream of living on earth.  Take a dip in the deep and go for life!