transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon August 2016 – Out & About

Finally we get a real breather. This Leo New Moon could feel like one of those chewing gum commercials where people breathe out and hair starts flying and trees start blossoming... What was daunting or heavy before now seems lighter. Adventure, travel, renewed optimism are in the books. We needed that, too...

camper starlight.jpg

Coming up for Air

The good news about this New Moon is: it’s in Leo. That means, fun, play, romance, and enjoying the summer lazyness. Magically, the fun part will go together somehow with our responsibilities, so expect new and surprising solutions or attitude changes as we move into full-blown High Summer. That's good because the end of the month and early September might bring some big challenges and even some shocks. Use August to chill and prepare!!


Collectively, the energy shifts BIG time at this New Moon. Warrior planet Mars leaves the dungeon and dragons of late Scorpio and literally packs his bags for some exciting adventures. The outdoors, nature, travel, and encounters with interesting new people and/or perspectives are in the books. That relentless, deep Scorpio energy of the last months put many of us through hell – or if you took the chance, through a hell of a transformation!! The New Moon gives a real boost of fresher, lighter energy. Time for some action in the real world!!

Goofy Climbers

Just watch out, that happy go lucky attitude could lead to some accidents or mistakes. If you go hiking for example, dont't take those black routes if the locals tell you not to... don't underestimate the weather either. If you take up sports again after a break, take care not to twist or rip something. Sagittarius energy can be really goofy sometimes. Even if there are hot girls watching, know your weight limit lol!  So, aim high and far, but don’t overstretch the bow out of sheer enthousiasm...

Fired Up

Relationships change noticably as well. We want to be best friends with our partner. That documentary on wolves in Yellowstone is suddenly more appealing than Fifty Shades of Gray… A weekend of biking together replaces the sessions with your Jungian couple therapist. There’s a lot of fiery energy around, we want to pamper ourselves and the ones we love. Some boasting and ego-tripping might occur too, as everyone will want a lot of space and admiration. Give out some goodies too and don't become too much of a diva.


Fights can be feisty but with less danger of going psycho. Rather, you may burst out laughing in the middle of a tantrum. Or swing from arguing to some amore under the stars...
There’s a possibility for treachery and even triangular relationships though. Those could come to light or be lived out. Who knows, that might end up being fun, too! Taboos are less scary under the blazing summer sun. Some people may be confronted with some secret part that wants to be integrated. Or maybe it's a secret brewing in the collective unconscious...

Hands On Assists

We will insist on logic though and try to find practical, intelligent solutions for any arising problems. Try not to be too critical or perfectionist - you might clash with some big egos out there. Some people won’t like the cool, logical approach, they want to storm forward now. Don't be a doormat but try to leave well enough alone. Don't smother or mother too much either. Although some caring, cooking and showing love in practical ways can go a long way around this New Moon!!

Standing Out

In love and finances, we can expect some lovely surprises and really unexpected thrills. Enjoy what the universe comes up with and don’t become arrogant. We might all feel some craving for bling and center stage attention, but combined with more altruistic impulses... This New Moon suggests to discover your very own, unique expression and to mix the seemingly incompatible, in fashion, social life, love... At any rate don’t blindly lust after the latest must-have it-bag or it-behaviour haha! You might also meet someone who is really different from your usual type, but oddly appealing. Why not try?

Closing Doors

A wet blanket may come in the form of a rerun of something that happened earlier in the year and that has to do with learning through pain. Do you remember the first months of 2016? There was enough heartbreak to go around for sure. Since then, many of us have made huge steps towards a more authentic sense of self and relationships. In August, it looks like we might revisit part of what happened before, and to draw last conclusions or solve it so it can rest. Expect possible upsets and twists and turns of fate…

Undertows and Sacred Flames

In the background of early August, there's still an underlying danger of violence that will heat up more and more toward mid-month and as we enter September. At the same time, there is a very strong female energy in the background that can really lead us to amazing insights. It's about feeling, still... Use August to solve things with emotional intelligence, and apart from that, enjoy the fire and the water. Some of the flames you feel may be holy ones...




This New Moon brings a real break from the heavier energies of the last months. We'll feel a collective sigh of relief and the freshly freed up energy will seek some expression - spending time in nature, moving, travelling, or just enjoying parties and romance all seem a pretty good idea. Don't become foolhardy though. We'll somehow find ways to combine pleasure with duty around the New Moon - expect unexpected solutions and developments ;) Something that dragged you down or hurt you earlier in Spring may come up for a final resolution so you can move into September with less emotional baggage.


Love is pretty well starred in early August - here too, expect the unexpected! We want less entanglement, emotionally and financially, more light-hearted camaraderie. Still there's enough passion to go around!! Things may heat up pretty much, with unusual partners and / or situations. Some men might play it too rough and coarse, then it's time to stand up for yourself and put boundaries. You can also climb a mountain or do some Muay Thai together if you're fed up! Lies, deception and triangular relationships are a possibility. But somehow even that feels less poisonous and threatening than in the months before. We'll take everything with better cheer. Enjoy!!