transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

July 2016 – Lightning over Water

We start the month with Mars finally direct again. That’s a huge shift! Many problems have resolved or are moving towards resolution. We've dusted our closets and the monsters are flying out of the window, perhaps not without a big sneeze. In July we're in for deep cleansing and flash floods. Water and lighting. Electrifying...

(Br)Exit Strategies

Mars is direct and re-running through late Scorpio, giving us a last chance to let go, transform, and get serious about inner and outer change. Just like in June, Mars forms an uneasy aspect to Uranus and warrior asteroid Eris. Brexit is a great example of the kind of upsetting, deep changes that this constellation can bring about. So think about it: What do you want to leave behind? What do you want to build?

We won't be able to rush too much though as we need to regenerate still from that VERY intense Mars retrograde phase of the last months.

The tub and the hairdryer

Uranus wants to liberate whatever it touches, by whatever means. His symbol is lightning - flahes of insight, impulsive actions, shocks that change you irreversibly. With Mars and many other planets in water signs, this heralds some blown fuses and cardiac arrest(ing) moments... Let Uranus jolt you to a higher plane of who you can be. Work those anger issues and grievances that came out in the open the last month in a proactive, liberating way. The more active and brave you are, the less you resist change, the more productive this month will be for you.

Feel Those Feelings

To make up for all the unpredicable cosmic weather, July starts with a lot of planets in Cancer - homey, comforting, cooling down. This energy is highlighted with the New Moon on the 4th. We’ll be looking for security and gather our people around us. We’ll prefer familiar places and faces to something new and fancy. Cancer is also the sign of the soul. So expect to communicate with yourself, truly. With Cancer, we don't dive in deep water - we stand at the shore, let the pebbles massage our so(u)l(e)s, take a deep breath and feeeeeeeeeeeellll....

Wash it All Away

Use the power of the water element. Water heals and can wash away everything. You can try out a morning ritual in the shower, asking the water to take away whatever you don't need and want anymore. Then focus on the water streaming down your body and rinse off those old memories, old patterns and pains... Clean up so those cosmic waves can pass you with less resistance and less pain!

Fiesta Moments

Mid-month, we're in for a treat. Expect flirts, parties and a generally lighter atmosphere (Venus and Mercury entering Leo!). The Full Moon on the 19th/20th will bring that Fiesta to culmination. Many spontaneous parties and flirts will erupt. Some will flare up and then disappear in a cloud of gold sparkles and pink smoke. Others can touch your heart and be the beginning of something to be built up from September onward, when Jupiter will support committed relationships...

Mind the Gap

The whole month, the tension between dreams and stone-cold death-and-taxes-reality will continue (Saturn and Neptune at odds). This field of tension can be incredibly frustrating and/or incredibly productive, depending on your attitude. It’s all about finding a balance between those two principles. Use the sensitive, tuned-in and soft side of Neptune to bolster any too strict, cold or pessimistic Saturnian views and approaches. Use the rational, patient, practical side of Saturn to bring structure to Neptunian chaos, escaping reality and wishful thinking.   

Karma, Dharma, and friends

We’re in for an interesting time at the end of the month. It’ll be like anoather layer of heavy or Karmic issues will finally be lifted from our shoulders. Not without some final hits perhaps… During July, any unresolved problems will slowly but securely move towards possible solutions. Just imagine some pieces of shit moving toward the end of the digestive tract. We might have to spend some time on the toilet working on it. The less movement, the more pain... (Uranus retrograde on July 30th. Mars enters Sagittarius August 3rd, Saturn direct August 13th.)

July in Detail

1st We start full throttle into July! A feeling of groggyness might prevail though, just imagine an after-party day where you have a burst of energy but at the same time you have to clean up some messes you left on your desk earlier on. (Mars direct, Venus opposite Neptune, Saturn/Neptune square)

2nd/ 3rd We’re somehow unwilling to face reality today perhaps – glasses can be rose-colored or we might wear our sunglasses at night. There’s overwhelm alert as those issues of last month just keep cropping up again. Nerves can be overloaded. (Sun trine Neptune, Moon activating mutable grand cross)

4th New Moon! This moon ushers in 4 weeks of adjustments concerning the themes of the last years. We still have work to do, but there might be some almost otherworldy feeling of it all making sense, after all... the topic dreams vs. reality continues. (New moon in Cancer conunct Mercury, Venus in Cancer, too. Moon aspecting Neptune, Pluto, Saturn).

7th/8th A day to either achieve real progress or of upsetting moments, or even both… You might feel like having a deep, hard workout, or to finally tackle some domestic issue. A powerful day. Information, thoughts and ideas will stream in (Venus trine Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury. Venus, Sun and Mercury activating hard aspects to Uranus and Pluto)

9th A day for benevolent interactions, spa, healthy food and all with enjoyment, please! Something you do or someone you meet today can hold potential for future growth (Moon conj. Jupiter and North Node)

10th/11th Two days to roll up sleeves but to still enjoy doing what you’re doing!! Could be a good day for having business talks over lunch or a white wine and making your standpoint clear with relaxed power. Writers and speakers will feel like they wanna get started on a new chapter. However there's a danger of feeling wired and nervous. Ups-etting news might come to you, or some spurts of nervous energy. (Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury trine Mars, Mercury square Uranus)

13th Ahhh!! Venus enters the sign of romance, parties, generosity (to name but the positive aspects, just as Leo like it haha). You can notice that your couch looks suddenly less appealing and you long for more glamour in your life – and some looovvveeee!! (Venus into Leo)

14th More Leo energy coming in! We might also be a bit jealous and protective of “ours” though. Perhaps a little righteous? Attention whores, this is your moment... Everybody on stage! (Mercury into Leo)

16/17th Wow what a weekend. We'll be torn between the urge for epicpartying and freak outs because of nervous overload and multi-tasking... Emotional overwhelm can lead to binge drinking, eating, ... add your favorite vice. Don't go full throttle on the escapism road or you might despise yourself later. Also, stay flexible, there'll almost inevitably be changes in your plans. To pour oil into the flames, it’s the build-up to the Full Moon already so really keep the drama at bay (Sun square Uranus and trine Mars, Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo, Moon square Jupiter and Neptune, Moon conjunct Saturn).

19/20th Full Moon! Full Moons are always intense. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t combine family or home duties and career the way you’d like. Also, don’t get hysterical with your partner reproaching him/her about the same… it might pay off to approach your duties playfully. Dress up as a clown for the kindergarden appointment and take a spa break in the middle of stress at work. Business contacts can happen at parties. Foreigners, older people, the law/publishing, religion and spirituality could bring lasting contacts – this is the time to flirt with a shaman and charm your lawyer lol! (Full moon in Capricorn; a very friendly contact between Saturn and Mercury/Venus)

23th High summer season… If your vacation hasn’t started yet, now you’ll feel a real urge to go somewhere nice and just have fun and relax! Family is still important though. We’ll see a lot of summer parties and invitations probably. Attend to your duties with a sunny smile (Sun into Leo, Moon conjunct Neptune, square Saturn)

27th Some tension could be in the air today. Watch for inner conflict and stubbornness. Not a good day to talk about politics lol! Instead, treat yourself really well (and loved ones if you like). At least have good food. Decorate the table. (Last quarter Moon, tension between Leo sun and moon in Taurus)

27-31st, extending to early August. The month ends with the feeling of something big is afoot. We’ll rethink, receive a lot of new imput, and can be irritated. Too much analysing will be detrimental but it might be good to take care of your need for good food and exercise.
There may be some apprehension, foreboding,  and/or excitement. There is a strong energy around and violence is a real possiblity. Be careful in crowds. (Mercury aspecting Uranus and Mars, 30th Mercury into Virgo. Uranus stationing retrograde, Mars in the last degrees of Scorpio).

Enjoy... ;)