transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon July 2016 – Deep Sea Cables

This Full Moon on the axis Capricorn/Cancer highlights some deep structural changes underway, and the need to trust. The real symbol for Capricorn is actually a goat with a... fishtail. That practical, cool sign contains some mysterious depths. In the next two weeks, we'll really get to the bottom of things. Opposite the moon, we have a sensitive, caring but moooody, and very emotional Cancer sun. Add Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio and we get a lot of waves...

Work/Life Balance...

In the next two weeks, topics around work and home, duties in relationships vs. deadlines in the office, and the roles of men and women, providers/Caretakers, will come to the fore. You might feel overwhelmed and torn between career requirements and family responsibilities. There's a real probability of sudden arguments erupting over these topics, with some low blows being dealt. I'm talking about painful ones. Try not to put blame on your partner and getting sulky and reproachful because they didn't not clean/bring home enough bacon...

Get Your Freak On

The solution to your frustration is to take action yourself. Go do something really unusual or daring! Don't expect someone else to make you happy. You want to go climbing on the weekend? You want to dress up and do karaoke all night...? Then do, by yourself, ask friends, or find new friends who share your hobbies and likes. Self-expression is a key for this lunation. Go crazy in a good way instead of trying to be Mr./Mrs. Perfect and silently holding grudges. (Uranus in Aries in tension to the Full Moon)

Deep Water Horizons

We have quite the rare harmonic line-up of planets in all of the 3 water signs. Mars has been in Scorpio for a long time due to his retrograde. We've had some deep, healing impulses for our masculine side for some weeks already - men and women alike! At the Full Moon, we get further support for approaching otherwise touchy topics about shared resources, family issues, past hurts and sensitivities, sexual problems or trauma connected to violence, and ancient ancestral and even cosmic pain... We can learn a new way of asserting ourselves, without hurting others. Some deep dives into our own psyche may be required but we're used to that already..!! (Sun, Mars, Chiron in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in trine aspect).

Y/Our Way...

There's some rebellion in the air, too-- explosive and ruthless!! In the next two weeks, we'll need to learn how to combine the wish for complete freedom with our obligations and sensitivities. The need for radical breaks has to be integrated with the equally strong need for roots, togetherness, sharing and deep intimacy. Things can seem worse than they actually are. Structures seem to clash with our dreams, but in reality, we just need to put in some action! As I wrote above, that action needs to be guided by our gut feeling and sensitivity, not blind actionism. (Uranus in Aries in friction with Mars in Scorpio and square the Full Moon, Saturn square Neptune)

The Strenght of Vulnerability

With the Full Moon in Capricorn, we will actually have a very good chance to discipline our emotions. Although that might seem harsh at moments, you’ll be glad for it later. Have the courage to follow your instinct. Allow that you may feel overwhelmed, weak, or even helpless, and try out what happens if you don't put on your favorite defense mechanism but stay connected to yourself. This will take you to the next level of being human - we ARE very powerful and very vulnerable at the same time. People with no vulnerability are sociopaths. You don't want to end up with orange hair ;) (Moon sextile Mars, sextile Chiron).

With Moderation...

There’s warmth, joy, and generosity in the air around the Full Moon too, making up for the harsher aspects. Communication in relationships should go well, but some degree of unclarity might make you evade what you actually wanted to say. Watch for sprinkling too much fairy dust on the object of your desire, too... Not every good looking stranger is the prince/princess of your dreams haha! This lunation is a good time for some sweet flirts, but not for one night stands. People will want to build up relationships step by step rather then jumping in headlong.  Otherwise, you might wake up next to a frog. (Venus/Mercury conjunct in Leo, trine Saturn, inconjunct Neptune).

Navigating through the Storms

Don't forget, we're still in deep waters, there are hidden rocks, and sudden lightning storms can appear. Mars in Scorpio covering the retrograde ground, in angry aspect to Uranus, Saturn and Neptune retrograde, squaring each other, form dangerous, unpredictable grounds. What has happened in Nice and in Turkey recently may just be the beginning.

There’s no going back to the old ways, we will all have to find how to live differently and dream a different world. All those watery waves in July actually can keep us afloat even when old securities and dreams break apart. It’s about trust… sticking together… and enjoying each other no matter if it’s for a moment or for a life time. Happy Full Moon!


Summary FULL MOON July 2016

General –

This Full Moon at 27 Capricorn heralds a very emotional, potentially healing time, when you can learn to use your will and actions with consideration to others. We’ll all have to find a balance between a wish for fierce independence and our reality of material and emotional entanglement with others… Tensions can show up especially in the work/life balance. Take care not to get hysterical or burn bridges in an impulse action!

There’s warmth and generosity in the air too, and if we can reign in overly impulsive, brusk words and actions, we’ll be able to feel a deep connection to our friends and family. Use the next two weeks to navigate the deep waters of your feelings, your family obligations, always checking back with your radar where to go. Watch for hidden rocks and go slowly but steadily. Patiently working through emotional and practical stuff is key. Escapism is a dead end route.  

Love –

This Full Moon brings some intense moments. Emotions run deep, and there should be opportunities for some nice flirts and encounters. Playfulness and daring are supported by this Moon, but still there'll be a level of caution. Sudden upsets and mood swings are in the books, too - don't attack your sweetheart too much if they left the socks on the floor again...

Also, all that glitters won’t be gold. Watch for over-idealisation and unclear communication. If you are looking for some saviour/prince/princess, then that bubble will burst haha! If you’re relating eye to eye on the other hand, some casual sweet flirt can turn into something more solid in the future. Either way, enjoy what comes your way! We all need to come up for air after those deep sea dives ;)