transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon June 2016 – Sincerely Yours, the Universe

This New Moon in mid-Gemini is super intense. A rare "Mutable Grand Cross" in the sky shows we're standing at the crossroads. This powerful constellation will bring some epochal shifts and magic opportunities, as well as challenges and realizations that’ll make us swallow hard. To deal with those, we'll need to update our self-image and belief system. The key is L-O-V-E!!!

Full House

There's a lot going on in June. Basically, there's three layers: First of all, there will be a lot of action, sometimes bordering on chaos and overload. A lot of socializing and activity with friends, relatives, new people. New possibilities and projects coming up, sometimes overlapping. We'll need to get our priorities straight or face burn-out.

Secondly, old fears, hurts or even traumata can come up, esp. concerning relationships and self-worth. And thirdly, we'll have a possibility to make big steps forward if - IF - we are willing to shed a skin or two... and realign ourselves to the reality of now, 2016, not our childhood, not our past lives, not our mom's problems...

Sea Change

In the Grand Cross, Saturn, the stern drill seargent, is being triggered by Neptune, Jupiter, Sun/Moon, and Venus. Wow. The reality principle, duty and responsability, stands in stark contrast to our dreams, our wish to expand, and our need to chat, flutter around and enjoy summer. Those aspects are rare. They herald a real shift in the collective consciousness. More and more people realize that we really are the authors of our reality, and they're coming together to change the status quo. Think of the Bernie movement in the USA.

Cutting it Out

Expect that with these planetary tensions, we'll either get a real overload, or we cut through the rubbish and get real. Shady schemes, illusory romances, sloppiness, drug abuse, businesses without plans, and grand promises with no backup will all be nipped in the bud in June. Imagine a big pair of cosmic scissors… ouch!!  After the operation is done, what a relief though. Some people will feel like they’ve woken up from a dream or trance – how could I ever have believed this? How did I ever plan like this? How did I wake up in this bed?!!

New Regime

It's a great month for self discipline, stopping smoking, binge watching of your favorite TV series, complaining, or whatever you do to avoid reality, and getting your ass on a yoga mat or in a business coaching instead :) Also, double-check your belief systems. Negative beliefs work like old programs that slow down a computer - always sucking energy in the background and motivating destructive behaviour. This month is the time to clean up on all levels.

Rolling in the Deep

Some of what happens in June will definitly have a Karmic, fated feel to it. Karma planet Saturn is retrograde, and so is Mars. The warrior planet is in Scorpio. Expect some rumblings in the deep of your psyche... There could be a craving for intimacy, but also a need for solitude and withdrawal to process old wounds for good. So notice when you’re about to overload with your new friends, project meetings and healthy habits and then withdraw to your cave!


To make up for all the hard work, this moon has a fancy bonus feature: it’s on Venus! We can expect friendly neighborhood chats, TLC, and a lot of cupcakes and bouquets. Shopping, beauty tutorials and gallery openings are high on the priority list haha!  People will be more polite and forgiving (even in traffic;)). Some sweet gatherings, reunions, parties and epic flirts are in the books for June.

… and Light ;)

A new moon in exact conjunction with Venus is *quite* the rare event... It looks like a pretty direct cosmic hint to Love. Love. Love. Appreciation. Beauty. Harmony. Collaboration. So, spread the love! Gemini is the sign of contagion. Love can be contagious, as well as any other vibe we give out into the world. And this love can extend to animals, insects, soil, air, plants and water. It's time to stand up and be counted. 

Sticking Around

The magic needn't evaporate after June either. The current strong aspect from Saturn to Venus means tests and in some cases trials, but gives enormous stability if you put in the work. People that come into your life this month can feel like lifelong friends after the first meeting.  It’s a new age meme, but some past life allies may appear in the guise of those new familiar faces. They may be the ones to form new alliences with, together with the trusted old friends. Those new projects and plans based on true values: Love, light, and soil ;)