transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon June 2016 – Truth, Experience, and Kundalini Rising

We’re in for another spectacular Full Moon, close to the Galactic center in late Sagittarius. This moon works like a (sometimes bitter) medicine to cure us of illusions and bring up long-suppressed truths. Some people will get their diploma from the school of hard knocks. Meanwhile, some big long-term shifts are happening in the backdrop. The earth powers are waking up and we can feel our Kundalini...

Bigger Picture

This Full Moon brings a blast of enlightenment as it happens only hours before summer solstice, the peak of Solar Energy. Whatever happens around this Moon will stick for a longer time - Solstice sets the mood for the following three months. This smmer will be a game-changer for life-plans and personal development. Even if it starts out really tough, we all get the chance to emerge from our chrysalis this fall. Well prepared by all those adversities!

Knife’s Edge

The energies of the moment require us to dance on the volcano's rim... Watch your step! The Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius, on the cusp of Capricorn, asks us to juggle two very different energies. We’ll be toggling between euphoria and pessimism, generous laissez-faire and stingy, overly rational attitudes. Hot – cold. And just like in the desert with blazing hot days and icy nights, cracks will appear in the places where your character crust has become too hard... Those cracks bursting open is frightening, but it's a chance to get out from under the armour!!

Face Off

We’re currently witnessing a clash of ideologies (Trump/Sanders/Clinton are a prime example). Religious fanatism, racism, and nationalism are showing up in more extreme forms. The opposing forces are growing stronger, too. That battle could take on epic proportions. Saturn and Mercury oppose each other in the signs of information, learning, and beliefs, Sagittarius and Gemini. What's more, they are sitting on two archangel Stars... very powerful stuff. There will be a lot of propaganda and distortions of facts. Stick to a simple truth: Fear-based beliefs lead to fearsome results... We need to check where our beliefs guide us, and if necessary change course.

Heavy Thoughts and News with Consequences

Around the Full Moon especially, many people will get grave, very important messages, insights and information. Contacts and contracts can become real and you’ll finally sign those papers or take a relationship to the next level. However, disillusionment and disappointment can occur. Some people might feel like they are under the literal cold shower… or ice bucket challenge, more likely! But if your favorite dream doesn’t work out, your project doesn’t receive the funds, or your crush finally tells you about his/her fiancée, just know:


These things happen for a reason. There was something unreal about that plan or relationship, or the timeing wasn’t right. You’ll have to let go, or put in a lot more planning, calculation, and work to make the boat float. Flexibility is the key. Put in some footwork, dogde the blows, and know that Saturn lessons ALWAYS bring you to a better place in the end, if you do your homework…

Bad Old Times

Some of the messages, memories and insights we receive can stem from old times, childhood, the family history, or – if you’re open to that – past lives. If a mood, depression, or strong physical symptoms come up, don’t hesitate to tell other people and ask for help! Likely problems are pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands, or hips; and conditions involving bones, teeth and/or nerves. And depression. And loneliness. Pessimism... you get the picture ;)

Sticks and Stones

Something might happen that makes you remember awkward, traumatic or heartbreaking scenes from childhood and youth, or just pieces of memories that you can’t even place. Good! This is the time to go really deep, feel through it, cry or scream, and let go… Then in a second step, you can reexamine those situations with adult eyes. See what part of you is still the wounded “inner child”. The hurt part in us can go to great length to interfere with our happyness. In the next three month, we can achieve a real breakthrough against self sabotage!

That Lovin’ Feelin’

Just as two weeks ago, the sun is conjunct Venus for this Moon. Heaven only knows what June would feel like WITHOUT Venus going strong… Venus in early Cancer makes us long for home. We want to be secure and snuggle up somewhere safe. A bit of pampering will be balm on hurt souls and bruised bones. If you want to take care of family and friends, you are getting a big cosmic thumbs up to go right ahead. The only caution here is, don’t comfort eat or drown your troubles in too much sugar and/or alcohol, etc. It’s time to update those heavy old family receipies. Put glutenfree flower in grandma's cake and dabble with sugar free lemonade ;)

Venus' Sisters

But there’s something much bigger afoot this summer. Venus is at 3 degrees Cancer for the Full Moon. This position is connected to ancient knowledge from pre-Christian and pre-Abrahamic times. We can expect a boost of Goddess energy and perhaps some collective shift away from patriarchal anti-sensuality, anti-earth propaganda. The sacred feminine essentially means awareness of the divine presence in nature and ourselves. We receive life from mother earth, the living, nourishing planetary intelligence - not from an abstract, righteous, hellfire-spitting father god.

Don’t Believe Me Just Watch – Awwwww!!

So how about this for the Full Moon: Experience the divine, don’t believe in something abstract. Feel yourself as part of something bigger... the playful, sexy life force. Saturn in Sagittarius is about experience and gaining wisdom from something you have felt and gone through. How about, we reclaim the wild woman inside. Men too. You can start by feeling less threatened by untamed women – they are much less dangerous then those sweetly smiling domesticated ones haha…


There’s a revolution brewing, and these days might see the beginning of a true reset of gender relations and some awakening of both the Life-giving and the Life-destroying side of the Great Mother (Venus/Lilith, Mars/Uranus/Eris/Ceres). The game has been rigged against Nature, including Human Nature, and especially Women and Sexuality, for a long time. This has resulted in the world as we know it today… but it looks like the scales are slowly tipping. In the end, this could be the underlying battle going on, far more important than -isms and political parties arguing on tv. For this, also seemingly "beningn" male religous leaders may have to step down and give the stage over to the real power... Excuse me, who sustains us here? Who produces the oxygen, water and food without we'd be dead in minutes, days or weeks?

Snake Powers

Nonwithstanding all the challenges and breakthroughs happening, remember to take care of your body, soul, and bathroom sink for that matter. We have big time Cosmic support. Jupiter and the North node in Virgo with support from Pluto - wow. Deep changes can happen in and THROUGH your daily routines, and the way you care for yourself (and others). So clean, refresh, reorganize, feel well. Take a long bath and scrub away your old skin. Feel that smooth new you emerging… leave your old skin in the tub. It’s time to become the Goddess and God that you are.