transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

June 2016 - The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After a very intense May, we continue full throttle into June, month of summer solstice and longest days. There are several remarkable trends for the month ahead, actually like a river with different currents flowing all at the same time. Although the better picture for June might be an underpass- not a pitch black cavern, but a temporary dip into the underground. Don't get disheartened, it's part of the path!

Bonds that Hold

Up to June 21st,  the energy is a bit restless, cerebral (sometimes really mental…),  unstable, and we need to pay attention to details. Overwhelm alert… We will need to be awake and flexible. Many of the faster moving planets are in Gemini, which makes for that quick/changeable/networky feeling. Networking is really huge in June, and in many cases those gettogethers, workshops, and facebook – connections will not be superficial at all but the foundation of real projects, connections, friendships and collaborations in the time to come.

Tectonic Shifts

The planets in Gemini will trigger two very important tense aspects, Saturn square Jupiter, and Saturn square Neptune. Both are rare events. They mark the feeling of some epochal change in beliefs, disillusionment and disappointments that lead to something more real, and growth through discipline and restriction. So don’t get scattered all over the place! Choose your cause, and your beliefs, carefully. Set your priorities. Then, you can make some real and lasting steps towards your visions. But you may have to be very honest first..!

Cross Currents

In early June and again around solstice, we will have a so-called “Grand Cross” in the mutable signs. (Gemine, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo). It opens up a lot of powerful possibilities. You may feel like you’re being crucified by too many concerns, influences, ideas, and internal conflicts. Some tensions may be hard to bear. But you can also break, truly break, the chains of old conditionings, trauma, and beliefs that have always slowed you down and held you back. This goes especially for people with a lot of planets in the mutable signs. And there’s another factor that will assist us… Mars!

Through the Tunnel

Mars is retrograde in Scorpio for almost the whole month. The warrior planet will go direct on June 29th, on beneficial star Agena. This particular retrograde of Mars has all the markings of a hero’s journey.  Many people are finding their power, their voice, or withdraw into a cave for gathering new strenght. Mars retrograde in Scorpio in June is the last part of the way, when we step into the underworld to confront our denied and buried anger, passion, fears and jealousies. This confrontation can bring liberation and works in tandem with other healing factors next month and beyond… the tunnel looks like a birth canal!

High Intensity Transits

However, these energies are intense. Both the grand cross with all those hard aspects to Saturn, and Mars retrograde in Scorpio, will be hard on sensitive people. Some old traumas could powerfully erupt into the upper world. Please use the Gemini and Virgo energy that is available to make sure you have friends and helpers stand by if you know you’re a candidate for breakdown. And, be EXTREMELY careful if you resort to Alcohol or drugs to numb pain or fear. There is a real risk for your life involved if you try to escape your lessons this month. Movement, and especially things that calm the nerves (be it yoga or martial arts, depends on your type), enough omega acids and B vitamins... and hugs :) are of vital importance. Feel it, then heal it :)

Prescription: Lots O' Love

To make the sometimes bitter medicine go down easier, the universe provides us with those networks and friends and helpers and with a big dose of LOOOOVVVVEEE. Venus will be travelling close to the sun the whole month, giving off lovely, loving, caring, and enjoying vibes that’ll bring surprise attractions, encounters, sharing, caring. and sensuality to this black-and-white month of June… like a generous pouring of sweet almond milk into your pitchblack morning coffee ;) We will be able to make strong connections for the future and also connect back in time, almost to other dimensions… love is stronger than death.

Tough Tittie

On top of all this, we are in for some interesting surprises this month. Uranus will activate cosmic outcast, dark warrior queen and Mars’ sister: Eris. Eris is one face of the Great Mother; the one who draws her sword and kills. Or who makes people so angry that they start fighting among themselves. Dwarf planet Ceres will join the two in June. Ceres is the motherly and nourishing aspect of the Goddess. We could see militant action to defend mother earth and our food. That explosive trio will be in an uncomfortable aspect to Mars for many days. We may see some affirmative, possibly violent, action for/by/towards women and the earth.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>> ready, steady, go!!

June in Detail

1st It's a jumpstart into June! With moon in Aries and Sun, Venus and Vesta close to warlike fixed star Aldebaran, this month starts fiery. At the same time, our thinking and words are deep and have an effect. We can see to the bottom of things. We can tap into some real intelligence and be right on target. Aho!!

3rd/4th Days of the Mutable Grand Cross. Breakdowns and breakthroughs, or perhaps both. There’s a lot of energy available. Use it, don't get scattered. Ride those waves. Uranus conjuncts Eris, too, so there might be strong urges to go it alone, rebel, and a conflict between belonging and being yourself… This is the opportunity to see how your programmed mind works and where it is at odds with your authentic self.

4th New Moon in mid-Gemini. Uh-huuuu!!! Sun, Moon, and Venus are conjunct close to Rigel in Orion. The star in the foot of the hunter… We will all go to war one way or another, but motivated by love (hopefully). If you feel poisoned by people or situations, consider that you can use poison also for healing. Don’t lash out. Feel what’s going on inside of you!!

6th This is a day to connect with Love, again. You may get revelations, or meet people or circumstances that were important to you in 2004 and 2012.  Pay attention if life reveals some steps of its dance to you… Anyway, the Grand Cross is still in full effect, so don't expect too much of a love fest. Perhaps YOU can bring some sweetness to the world today... (Sun conjunct Venus)

9th Not the best day for starting arguments… you or your opponent might be too aggressive. If you hurt someone today, they might get back to you in July/August. But for aggressively negotiating, perhaps that’s ok. Or, train martial arts and let it all out..!! (Mercury opp. Mars)

12th- 14th. It’s getting hot in here!!! Expect surprises in your relationships, and generally. Love or a crush at first sight are very possible. You may feel the need to get physical, fast! Which needn’t be a bad thing ;) But maybe not so long-lasting. Watch for aggression. Generally, things spead up considerably, and we are anxious to get going ((Venus/Sun sextile Uranus, yod to Mars; Mercury enters Gemini).

13th You may have weird, strong or prophetic dreams tonight… Watch for the feeling that you are a victim of someone though. And don’t play servant/helper in love (Neptune Retrograde, Venus square Chiron)

16th Destiny calling… You may have a powerful impression or encounter today, one that puts you on a new path, or affirms the one you’re one. (Pluto trine North Node)

17th Today, Saturn square Neptune is exact. This very powerful aspect occurs only every 18 years… Today is a good day to check back with your hopes and dreams. “Don’t dream your live, live your dreams” ;) Disappointment is possible though. And some stress. It’s ok to escape a little today, but not for long ok? You might want to spend time with family or closest friends on the couch or with a lot of comfort food. The good old days - sigh! (Venus into Cancer).

20th Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius. This one is strong. It’s a kind of assessment of how far we’ve come the last months. Do you live your truth? Do you speak and think your truth? We’ll have ample opportunity for exchange, debate, and there will be a lot of tension for sure – a bit like in the start of the month… whatever you didn’t solve back then may be back to bite you. (Mercury conj. Vesta in the place of the last new moon retriggering the Grand Cross)

21st Summer Solstice… The longest day in the northern hemisphere. Light up some bonfires! The Sun enters Cancer, so we can look forward to the holiday-on-the-seaside season and summer family reunions. Your mom might be in for a surprise, or surpise you in some way. Surprise parties and dinners may also happen… just watch out, don’t argue too much while eating!! There seems to be some cosmic protection available though. Share the bounty and let’s all be like a big familiy: that’s the way. (Ceres close to Uranus/Eris, Jupiter close to North Node)

22nd If you have a message, now’s the day to spread it! You might speak too loud or forcefully though, don’t scare away potential clients ;) We don’t want to mind details today, so postpone doing your taxes. Anyway you probably still recover from Midsummer night’s fiesta, that's ok then! (Mercury Square Jupiter)

24th It’s a good day to think big, plan big, and then write down a list of detailed steps how to get to your goal. Very auspicious day for people born in early/mid September (Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo).

26th Power is in the air!! A loooootttt!!! Going to the lot(sic)tery might for once work out lol! (Disclaimer, don’t say I made you do it). Most probably you will get some kind of surprise opportunity today. And it might lead you to long-term success ;). This opportunity can have something to do with speaking, writing, or networking, like, being asked for an interview by a blogger or getting to talk to a publisher or something in that vein. Or shooting a great movement video. Perhaps also you just can tap into your own inner power and get a download that really fixes you… Whatever it is, this is a hell of a day. (Jupiter trine Pluto, Moon in Pisces trine Mars, Mercury sextile Uranus, Yod to Mars on Agena from Uranus and Mercury in Gemini)

27th After yesterday’s power trip, today is more dreamy and compassionate. The energy starts winding down. Perhaps you want to share your new insights/opportunities with your loved ones!! It’s a good day to be creative and to dream… Dreams can sometimes bring healing. (Venus trine Neptune, Chiron retrograde, Moon close to Chiron; Last Quarter Moon)

29th The underworld journey is almost over. We know the way now and are not afraid anymore to get lost in side caves or stumble in the dark. The energy is special today. We do not want to venture completely out in the open yet though. There's some more digesting and healing necessary after this stormy month. Family and close friends, home, the earth, all soothe us. In July, the tweaky nerves will get rewired. (Mars direct, Mercury into Cancer, almost at the same time; Mars goes direct quincunx Uranus)

30th Ok did I say it's getting less intense? Today we'll feel the need for intensity, especially in relationships. Hopefully nobody will get too physical. But there's still also a lot of care involved... so whoever has a partner could have pretty magnificent sex today. Singles - well, think for yourself lol! We can just randomly share love vibes. There's a lot of need out there. And today's cosmic imperative is to bring on some love action. What a lovely end to this first summer month... <3(Venus opp. Pluto, Moon trine Pluto, Venus sextile Moon, Venus sextile Jupiter)