transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

December 2016 Astro Weather – Light(en)ing Up and Bursting Out!

We have a rare and generally very positive constellation building up through the whole of December – actually that’s a preview of what’s to come in 2017! Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn will be teasing the best out of each other. This brings a generous, supportive, stabilizing, and liberating influence into the world. About time, too...

Watch Out, Here We Come

People born around the 8th-11th of each month should feel that influence extra strong. The downside of some of it could be reckless behaviour, erratic moves, sudden outbursts and oversized/overoptimistic plans. But we won’t go too crazy because that constellation has some inbuilt checks and balances. This is good esp. in world politics right now – the crazy factor needs some restraining for sure!!

Good Santa

As we approach Christmas, the positive and generous vibes should get stronger and stronger. Over the holidays, it looks like you will meet a lot of old friends (could be literally older people, too) and have some nostalgic moments with family. It’ll be a very unusual mix of the new and the old. I’m really curious how this will play out! Roles might be swapped and grandma admonished for playing on her iphone whereas the kids want to sing some carols… Some surprising declarations or re-(w)rig(h)ting of old stories could happen too – or some new alliences pop up.


Just two cautions. Starting December 19th, we’re in for the last Mercury retrograde of the month. It looks like we really need time to digest some of the deep, structural, business and psychological changes and challenges of the year. Expect some business developments to need an update, or second try. Because a lot of this time falls on christmas and new year’s, that’s actually no problem – we need a holiday anyway, and Mercury retrograde is good for recharging.

"Because We'Re Worth It"

The second thing is that although generally, we can expect self-worth to go up and relationship to hurts to go down, there is one heavy aspect – most active around the 18-22 but actually longer-lasting – that suggests an old hurt or self-worth issue will still reverberate. But this time, we really need to do something about it that is not only psychological but very very real, grounded in the way we live, behave, and treat ourselves when noone is looking. This is the real test. Do you love yourself? What do you think you deserve? Be very honest here, make changes, and miracles can happen.  

Overall, December looks vigorous, magic, and communicative, with surprising opportunities for growth on all levels. Go be creative, enjoy, and do all the x-mas shopping on time for once. The flow is with you.


December Special Days

7th We want some excitement, and we want it right now!! Away with the caution, we want progress – for all mankind. And womankind. And kidkind. And the fourlegged friends… Expect a lot of nice meet-ups with friends in the next two weeks especially. (Venus into Aquarius, reinforced by Mars in Aquarius until the 19th)

10th/11th Very special Day – A taste of what is to come over xmas and will continue into next year. Pay attention and be open to opportunities!

14th Full Moon Alert ;) Expect some serious debates and exchanges, mixed with a lot of fast flitting thoughts and fast socializing (ahem). You might have a parentor sibling concern highlighted. Hopefully, travel plans over christmas will go well so you can check out the folks at home… Take care to ground yourself, your mind and nervous system could be all over the place.

19th – Expect a day of slight confusion. Do not run errands today, have that important talk or even sign a contract or buy something big, like a new phone, new car, refrigerator or godess forbid real estate…!!! This caution extends until early January but today, it would be really cool not to go to town or plan many stops. There could be delays, judgment errors, unexpected obstacles. You might feel a little off and/or dreamy anyway. Go to a spa, sauna, swimming or play music. Or just dream a little dream...

21st Winter Solstice… the longest night of the year. This solstice could have you worried and nerves on edge. Just know that you can expect some psychological inner workings around this time, with a feeling of urgency that further strains you. However, there’s a quiet spriritual, grounded energy available too. Creativity and quiet time by yourself with a candle, music, and connecting to your deepest soul would suit this day. Put that mobile phone away already ;)

23rd/24th It’s not just any old christmas this year! Expect surprises, BIG surprises. Kids, you could get the monster playstation of your dreams lol! The same goes for, unexpected and really costly short-circuits on your kitchenware… Well no, most of the surprises should be pleasant. You could get flashes of insight or download genius ideas from the ethers. Unexpected guests could turn up and some might leave a gold coin or two. Whatever the surprise, it could make you leave your comfort zone. Most likely, around New Year’s and from January onward you’ll explore new territories. 2017 is going to be wild.

29th Rebel and progress planet Uranus turns direct. This is good news! We may not fully feel the effect until mid-January or probably most of all end of January, when Mars enters Aries and will give our will to freedom, justice and action the go-sign, big time. Meanwhile, watch out for New Year’s Eve, things could get more eplosive than usual, on all levels. If something gets out of hand, make sure it’s the champagne, not a firecracker. You may also get sky high on endorphines alone though!!

Happy December everyone. Shine that light!!