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Astro Preview 2017 – Ready Or Not, Here We Go!

This year will be unforgettable – for all kinds of reasons! Most major planetary activity in 2017 happens in the late signs, so people born towards the end of their sun sign will definitly notice that something big is afoot in 2017. This goes especially for decan 3 Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius. Late Gemini, Aquarius, and Leo will also feel the wind of change under their wings, while some of the earth and water signs can discover their own rebellious nature and surprise everyone. Including themselves…

Head over Heels

We have a strong New Moon just before New Year's. This one looks like Thor’s hammer to me… as it coincides with the planet of shocks & changes, Uranus, going direct again. Some of the unusual fiery energies with which we have been dealing in November and December should reach a first pinnacle and/or resolution. Bottled-up or out of control anger can slowly subside or find a productive channel.

Big, Bigger, 2017

The first months of 2017 are dominated by those fiery, inspirational and radical energies that have come to the fore in late 2016. The problem with these energies is that the explosive side of Uranus got overemphasized from mid-December to mid-January. Some things need to blow up before they can heal. Not to play down the very real and raw pain we might have to go through in the process!The good thing about these energies, they dispel the heaviness that lay like a well-soaked blanket over the better part of the old year. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and pioneering spirit available – finally!!

Moves like Jagger

We’ll also get some big excesses this year. Expect wildly erratic, bold moves from people, and probably nations. Breaking free from restrictions, and an unquenchable thirst for excitement, and doing your own thing, will color the year. Jupiter in Libra is on the tight rope balancing things out, in tandem with Saturn in Sagittarius who restricts the worst excesses. However, some wild swings are in the books that will leave us goose bumped, whether with excitement or with anxiety. Chose wisely. Paralysis won’t get you anywhere. Especially not in 2017..!! (Uranus in aspect to Jupiter and Saturn is the biggest aspect pattern of 2017)

Rooster Alarm

The End of January will bring a big shift in energies. In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Fire Rooster starts – fittingly enough, cocky red planet Mars will be super energized around that time, too. We can expect a noticable upswing of energy. Venus joins the party just a week later. We’ll probably see a truly precocious budding of love, flirtation, and renewed emergies in February. Who knows, spring might start early, too… Let’s get those flowers budding ;) (Mars into Aries end of January, Venus into Aries early February)

We <3 Nostalgia

The big thing in spring is the retrograde of love & relationship planet Venus. Think back to July/August/September 2015 to remind yourself of the snares of that time. Venus retrograde is NOT innocent… This time, Venus will take a journey from Aries back into Pisces. We’ll travel from “I want that/him/her and I want them NOW” to the ego-dissolving oceanic collective unconscious, cosmic grief included, and back again. Expect major revelations in love, personally, romantically, concerning self-love, and universal love... or your bank account.

Girls Chasing Boys

Due to Venus’ retrograde, Venus will be chasing Mars for almost the whole year, never catching up until a very interesting Full Moon in October when they will conjoin in a rather chaste union ;) Interestingly enough, that meeting happens quite close to the last one in October 2015. Some people, stories, heartaches and –throbs from that time might be in for a little comeback. Whatever happens, Venus is in the spotlight this year. Another sign that the female energies are waking up – not the ones that turn the other cheek. (Venus-Mars conjunction October 2017 in Virgo)  

Big Game

Between end of March and early April, and end of July to early August, we may feel less happy go lucky and more inclined to dig really deep. This influence could shake us to the core, and bring questions of power and the abuse of power to the forefront, especially regarding finance, government and justice. Larger than life revelations, both personally and collectively, are on the horizon... Power schemes could be uncovered, and/or florish. We should see a certain degree of justice, sometimes surprising the nay-sayers. But let’s not underestimate the dark side, either. (Jupiter square Pluto, Jupiter moves out of aspect with Saturn/Uranus)

Down Deep

In October, fortune Jupiter enters a deep and difficult territory: Scorpio. It suggests that shady machinations will continue to be found out and brought to justice. On the other hand, some of those machinations could thrive particularly well. A lot will depend on strong, courageous individuals and above all, groups of likeminded people who stand in the way of tyranny. October to December look like a volatile time anyway – we’re back to those Uranus vibes of the first part of the year and the ground may feel a tad shaky again... (Jupiter into Scorpio October 10th, as a sequel to the Jupiter-Pluto square before; 2 New Moons in exact aspect to Uranus)

Growing Pains

Expect some kind of old pain to surface in January, Mid-April to mid-May, and late October to mid-November. It’s like the antidote to the inflated overoptimism of the year and shows us that if we don’t take care to meticulously heal old wounds, we can’t progress into a better future. We need to stay patient with this one, as we’ll have plenty of help this year too, and opportunities for radically new, unexpected forms of healing taking place. So don’t panic please, get to work ;) (Repeated friction between Saturn and wounded healer Chiron)

Heart Over Head

This year we continue taking stock of our belief systems and we will be confronted with the consequences of our beliefs, both positively and also not so positively. Don't hesitate to throw overboard whatever does not serve you in your humanity! Take care not to burden yourself with judgment, unrealistic standards and transhumanist bullshit. Shine and be yourself in all you do, be generous and playful. Avoid rigidity, putting ideology over people, and aloofness. It’s the heart that counts!!! From May on, we'll get a collective sunny boost that will help us to overcome any too dark and brooding energies (Nodes of the Moon move into Leo/Aquarius)

Preparation is Everything

2017 won't all be easy, but it will be lighter than 2016, and a LOT will happen. Stay inspired, take risks, do your homework, and put in your heart. 2018 is going to be make it or break it time, and austerity could hit us after an inflated and passionate 2017. So make sure you use this year to get inspired, connect, and then work to realize those grand schemes, lest the bubble burst in 2018 (Saturn into Capricorn in December 2017,  combined with Jupiter in Scorpio). Be courageous, be real, act with heart. The world needs YOU. Much love!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3