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Full Moon December 2016 – You’ve Got Mail

This month’s Full Moon obviously will be communicative and get you mixing and migling ;) Get ready for inspiration! There is a seriousness in the air, too. Things we do have consequences... So it's super important to stay with integrity amongst all the little glitzy things flirring through the air around this Gemini Moon! Make sure everything you say is aligned with truth. This moon shines a bright light on any abuse of power, or disrespect for nature…  

Buzzing Wires

Around this Full Moon in Gemini, we can expect a lot of information, exchange, and social activity. Some of it sows seeds for future collaborations and projects, and some is just hot air. High flying ideas will be subjected to a reality check right away though, so we better sit down and do our homework. If we don't, this moon could make us feel like naughty schoolkids being admonished by the headmaster… so reign in your Peter Pan if you want to be taken seriously.

Horny Bulls

Speaking of w(h)i(t)ch… this Full Moon has a lot more to offer than your avarage Gemini moon. That's because it falls on a very strong star in the horns of the Bull, El Nath, “The one who butts or gores”. The bull's power to tear flesh open can be testified to by some toreros for sure. Contrary to what macho bull fighters want us to believe though, the Bull is an ancient symbol of the FEMALE power of the earth. Actually, if you look at a bull’s skull, it looks like a diagram of a woman’s vagina, uterus and ovaries. We witness a global rising of Female power, so around this Full Moon, expect some strong women coming out of the closet - it might be you!

Charming Snakes

The Sagittarus Sun sits on an important star as well: the head star of constellation Ophicheus, the Snake Tamer. Black Snake, anyone?!!!! This star hints at the power of mother earth and Shamanism as a way of connecting to, not controlling and exploiting, that power. This moon has a strong "medicine" aspect. Expect to meet your power animal on your way to work… you’ll be the only one in the busy crowd to see a falcon land on the roof of your coworking space ;) Seriously, pay attention to messages from the animal realm, birds, the odd city fox, a late and low humming queen bee…


At this Full Moon, we enter a truly mysterious time. The current aspects in the sky form an envelope. We will get messages for sure – or important letters, some probably concerning taxes, fines, or other proceedings. If you do, know that any expenses are likely the entrance ticket to a great 2017 ;) And we can't fully enter if there's too much old unfinished stuff on our heels. There is a lot of energy available, a lot of courage, of structure, and of originality and daring to go against the grain. Almost all planets are in air and fire signs. Jupiter is a key player here. Whatever happens will be BIG with capital letters. Speaking of big...

Lightning Struck Tower

This Full Moon has an amazing, outstanding, connection to Donald Trump's natal chart.  Trump's name is written all over it - Let's hope the Moon doesn't have to file for bancrupcy after ;) Let's see: The Moon in Gemini falls EXACTLY on Trump's Sun, while the Sun is only one degree from his Moon in Sagittarius. DT was actually born at the mirror image of this Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini!! What's more, Jupiter currently is conjunct his natal Jupiter. This of course symbolizes his new expanded power as POTUS one would guess. There are other aspects, all very energizing, mainly positive. I don't know what to make of this one in a million "coincidence"... Hey, Trump has his moon on the Snake Tamer, so who knows how he will handle pipelines after all?!

Women with Nothing to Lo(o)se

Next to DT, there’s another loose cannon around this Full Moon, and that’s Love, Value, and Relationship planet Venus. Things are unpredictable and we’ll need a lot of freedom and space to be who we are in relationships! Venus in Aquarius, with no connection to the rest of the planets, could symbolize that some people might feel very marginalized and lonely – or, stand out and dare to break consense and the status quo. Again, women can spearhead the fight for human rights, and true human values - dare to stand up what you feel is right! It's a time for rebels.


What's also in the books is the possibility to uncover scandals, perhaps with the help of IT or hacker obtained information. The current question whether there is a covert child trafficking network in Washington involving the White House – “Pizza Gate” – might be affected by this, so there could be revelations here. Whatever happens, we'll have another go at between the 19th of December and January 9th,  due to Mercury retrograde in this time.

The holiday season will be very intense and may prove groundbreaking for many people in terms of self-sufficiency and self-knowledge. Happy Full Moon!