transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon 29th November 2016 – Fanning the Flame

This Moon is all about Faith - with a huge, capital F! Break someone’s trust at your peril in the next four weeks… this includes your own. We have some stabilizing, energizing and lucky aspects in the background of this new moon too, foreshadowing or rather, forelighting, the sudden turns and good fortune that starts around Christmas time. It looks like if we all lighten up, we can dispel the darkness!

On the War Path

Once a year, the New Moon in Sagittarius renews our optimism and faith after going through the underworld trials of Scorpio. This Sagittarius Moon however continues the Scorpio theme as it falls on the Heart Star of Constellation Scorpio, Antares. This bright red star brings passion, fire, and intensity to the whole month. We’ll dare more and won’t back down from our mission. Antares is a warrior’s star so this month could bring some warlike news, too. Choose your battles carefully, but then, go for it!

Relight the Fire

We won’t all go on an adrenaline-charged rampage though. Sun and Moon are exactly aligned with asteroid Juno. Soulmates, comradeship and loyalty will be of utmost importance in December. We will be fired up and ready to jump into commitments, to make things count, to fight for what is dear to us, and to have someone’s back. Couples could find a new depth of intimacy … Long distance trips together might be good for that. If you can't travel far, participate in your local shaman’s sweat lodge cocoa ceremony or take a stroll over the xmas market, some red hot 'n spicy wine in hand ;)

High Noon

We had a mystic, and somewhat confusing/depressing time in November that felt quite karmic (to put it mildly), with messages from the depth of our soul. Now with this New Moon, we continue moving down a highly charged path that smells like destiny… the Moon square the nodal axis indicates we’re at a collective crossroads. Still, a lot of old unresolved sh** of the Piscean Age - with its obsession about damnation and salvation, good vs. evil, and idealisation of suffering and sacrifice - continues to be flushed out. Just imagine a toilet regurgitating 2000 years of input… We're in for some continued plumbing. Just when you wanted to invite friends over for christmas punch!

Water is Life

Neptune on the South Node in Pisces keeps bringing up the deepest feelings, and also a concern for the water on the planet - as showcased right now through the fight against crude oil pipelines in the US. This Moon could see some new beginnings, or new formations, of what may become a true war between those who protect, and those who endanger and exploit, water sources. We may see the birth of a new Earth Warrior Caste around this New Moon. Neptune indicates idealism and high hopes, but also falsity, trickery, and desinformation. Power players will do everything in their power to denigrate and smear people who stand up to them. Some other people simply delight in spreading disinformation. Keep your eyes open and don't blindly believe what you hear or read. Not even on facebook, lol!!

Stay True

Personally too, we need to stay alert. We might fall prey to Illusions or deceit. Do not cheat in December, it might really backfire. On the other hand, it's possible to get away with something, too... You'll have to be very aware and clear on your intentions. Other aspects in the background indicate that if you have a clean slate, justice will be done anyway.

We can also continue to feel a bit off, or be plagued by colds or unclear, energy-draining symptoms. Use a lot of fiery activity to dispel any damp, heavy feelings or nagging doubts. Sauna looks like a good idea, and burning for some cause – or someone ;)

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart...

Love likely will bring some surprises, upsets, sudden flames, and not matter what happens, a big chance for healing. It looks like a lot could happen in December, but it's really a very mixed bag! All in all, it might be wiser to wait a bit before committing yourself 100%. We'll anyway be a little reserved, curious but cautious. Any unusual or sudden attraction might unfold in Spring, when Venus will go retrograde in early Aries and late Pisces. So for now, if your candle is no eternal flame, don't be too disappointed. Sing along to Wham in your favorite Karaoke Bar instead. Put in some self-love to prepare to give your heart "to someone special" ;)

Whatever happens, we'll probably have plenty of energy in early December and light up like a christmas tree. This New Moon won't be dark, it'll burn all over - with the caution of some fog... The antidote for personal turmoil is genuine love for humanity, justice, and fairness. Embody what you want most in this world then. Shine, bring light. This dark night really needs it.