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Astro Weather November 2016 – Dreaming Reality…

In November, the tension between stone cold reality, red tape, all the obstacles of the “real world” - and our dreams, our otherworldly, sensitive, compassionate side, slowly starts to dissolve. We will still have to clean up, big time, but the party’s over, so to speak.

How the hell did that happen?!

There should be some stark, and not always pleasant, clarity about past failures, mistakes and all those instances when we didn’t take full responsibility for something, or didn’t dare to bring clarity to a situation. A kind of sober, sobered-up, feeling will be with us, but that feeling has the germ of future success in it. Each in their own way, we’ll move on more adult, more responsible, and more willing and able to tackle life.

I didn’t want to go to rehab… but now I do, I do, I do…

So if you had a tax problem, a loyalty problem, something big broke down and you need to repair it or replace it, or an old forgotten bill turned up that wasn’t covered yet… Pay it, take the responsibility, and know that this may well be your entrance fee into a more mature future. Don’t beat yourself up about the past months and years. You paid the price for your neglect, monetary or otherwise. Now you know, you felt it, you saw it, and going through all of this shit has changed you already! It better…

Hypnotic States

November will not get too sober though; there’ll be a dreamy, somewhat unreal quality to it,  and our newly aquired responsibility might get slightly out of focus again. Dreaming planet Neptune has come to a standstill in oceany Pisces… turning direct at the end of the month and meanwhile invading November with its all-uniting, all-forgiving-and-forgetting vibes. Just watch out you don’t forget your wallet or your wedding ring - unless you want to, of course. Deception isn’t too recommended though…

Ripple Effects

The karmic south node of the Moon will move over Neptune this month. Expect to be swept away if you are in the least bit sensitive. Downloads can occur. Dreams might get epic or out of hand; long-forgotten memories from childhood, surreal past life recalls or glimpses into parallel planes of reality can all wash up upon the shore of your consciousness – Neptune talking here ;) Just pay attention to not to lose the ground under your feet. Hands off of drugs and alcohol. You won’t need more stimulation I promise lol!! You might also be deceived or bamboozled… hello US elections :/

Good cop bad cop

Then there is some big stuff brewing... symbolized by Jupiter and Pluto in tension. What could happen is that some big, structural problems we already thought were over come back like the un-dead. But things are different now. We are not the same after attending the school of hard knocks in 2016. If you did your homework or at least came to class without blowing raspberries this year, expect unexpected backup of the law and established authorities to solve those problems. You suddenly might get papers you’ve applied for a long time ago, get a permit for some business, a visa, or the like. Finally the good cop enters the interrogation room...

Vive la Liberté!

On a more abstract level, the principles of Justice, Fairness, Rule of Law, Cooperation, Harmony and even Esthetics, will drop by to check up on any big business, big government stuff. That infamous “free trade” agreement, CETA, not being passed by the EU is an example how justice finds its way. The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline another one... If justice is not done, entrenched and ruthless fighting could ensue. There could also be more and more shocking news about the real extent of the poisoning of soil and water.

Work soft, Play hard

On a personal level, your partner could find it insufferable how you overwork yourself… or you yourself suddenly start shifting your priorities from long hours in the office to more quality time with those people that matter, or your artistic hobby. For lovers, November is the month of reality checks. Go big or go home! Things are tough and serious at the beginning and end of the month. You'll have to stand up and be counted, or lose everything. Especially unhealthy, codependent relationships may break off. And that's a good thing.

Social Revolutions

November continues the trend of no planets in the personal signs except Uranus in Aries. Uranus keeps reminding us that one brave individual can change the world. He's conjunct Ceres the whole months, so a lot of female/motherly/earth power will be in play in any future revolutions. From November 9th, expect a shift in focus from career to group efforts, networking, and thinking globally. Human rights come into focus - and justice, did I mention justice? It won't be soft and easy but it's neccessary. We do live in interesting times.



2nd/3rd Ups – the month starts off on a rather serious tone, reminding you of any loose ties. Relationships are a possible source of serious decisions and/or depressed feelings! (Moon conj. Saturn und Venus)

3rd Those relationship topics really got a hold on us! Shared resources, and shared feelings, can be a source of deep connection, or deep conversation – probably not without a thorny part. Take care not to hurt someone you love…  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

4th/5th In case you didn’t hurt someone yesterday, watch out today. You could also be on the receiving end… Women may feel ugly. Don’t believe that nasty little voice. Beautiful surprises and chance encounters are very possible however, with surprising emotional depth. (Venus square Chiron, trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Pluto)

6th Sigh! A breath of fresh air. You seem to come to your senses and someone might even say the magic word… “Sorry…” (Mercury trine Chiron).

7th A day of power. Use it to make a change in yourself or the world around you! (Sun sextile Pluto)

10th A shift in how we focus our energy. Away from work work work work work and ambition. Into the wild… networking, humanitarian concerns, friendship… We want to invest our power in things that benefit humanity and that underline our individuality!! (Mars into Aquarius)

11th/12th Interesting days. Some healing insights could knock on your door, you might meet someone who can counsel you. Loyalty can heal, too, so stick to your true soul people. (Sun trine Chiron, Juno sextile Mars, Mercury inconj. Chiron)

12th Switch day. You’ll feel that something’s different!! We want to relate in a more committed way. We’ll be a bit torn though because we might contract a bad case of wanderlust to foreign shores… hold on to your engagement ring abroad and don’t do too much stargazing with strangers if you plan on getting married lol ;)  (Venus into Capricorn, Mercury into Sagittarius)

13th A day of balanced mind and checkbook. Eat local food, light a candle and snuggle close to something fluffy. At least your pillow. (Moon Taurus trine Venus Cap)

14th Full Moon! This is a Moon of possessive people. So watch out... Independence will come to you in unconventional ways, or if you resist, break into your little “my house my car my spouse” world. Communication with the spouse should go well though (Taurus Full Moon Inconjunct Uranus. Mercury conj. Juno sextile Mars)

18th Imagination might run away with you. Communication needs to be extra clear. Refrain from writing or signing important documents and don’t buy a used car ;)  (Mercury square Neptune)

20th Uh-huuuu! A day of romantic fantasies. Fuzzy logic and good hearts prevail. Not a day for facts and excel tables (Neptune direct, Venus sextile Neptune)  

20th-25th Some weird healing can take place. Our wild nature is triggered and the outcast female part allies with the outcast male part… did that sound indecent? (Black Lilith trine Chiron)

21th/22th Scorpio season is officially over!! No planet in the dark deep sign of passion, obsession, transformation and damnation. A bit of tension is in the air though, nerves may be edgy and we might go off on details and get hypercritical (Sun into Sagittarius, Moon into Virgo)

20th-24th Ok… this happens only every 20 something years… and in Pisces, every 200 or so!! We will be very close to the collective unconscious. Dreams can be mystical, romantic and/or scary and visionary… Some sunken treasures could surface in the ocean - think Spanish gold or the remains of a mystery airplane... (Neptune conj. South node)

22nd A day of mixed influences. Optimism and Realism go hand in hand so we can tackle some of that red tape we still have to work through. Order and humility are the high road, nervosity, aggression and escapism the low one (Mercury sextile Jupiter, Virgo moon activates Saturn/Neptune, Virgo Moon conj. North Node, Aqua Mars inconj. South node)

23th/24th A continuation of the serious energy and communication (Mercury conj. Saturn)

25th Deep dark cherry day. "Too much of a good thing" - relationships, sex, money, and power could go to excess (Venus conj. Pluto, Jupiter square Venus/Pluto)  

26th Nice surprises day – expect the unexpected (Mercury trine Uranus)

29th New Moon. It’s optimistic, strong, and at the same time quite rebellious… (New Moon 7 Sagittarius, Venus square Uranus)

30th Today, watch out for misunderstandings, deception and low energy – not too much coffee and please no drugs and alcohol. Instead, give to the poor (not your whole paycheck though), do some art or sing in the shower!! (Sun square Neptune)