transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

"Super" Full Moon November 2016 – Bewitched & Bewildered

This Taurus Full Moon will be hitting close to home. Literally, as it's a Supermoon, the biggest since 70 years even! We'll probably all start sleepwalking - shut the windows before you go to bed ;) Dreams can be extra vivid, real, and touching. This Moon could crush us like rose petals to make us give off our sweetest scent... In late Taurus/Scorpio we can expect Melancoly and an encounter with pain, but also a real chance for deep connection, love and caring!

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Deepfried Hearts

Taurus is a loving sign, and in combination with the Sun in late Scorpio this Full Moon will be felt somewhere between the heart and the guts. Intense it may be, but we'll have a stable base that makes us able to go through anything that comes up. We'll probably be inclined to solve any emotional crisis with a lot of patience and stoic, sometimes stubborn commitment. It's all about finding the right dose of holding on and letting go. Surprising problems - and solutions- can present themselves.

Burnt Pies

Patience will come in real handy at this Full Moon. Around this time, what you thought was simmering away peacefully for some time is suddenly boiling over. Topics concerning intimacy, jealousy, shared resources, and hidden, old psychological wounds will likely be coming up. As an antidote, we can use patience, caring, and staying calm, to counter any emotional drama. Apply those Taurus cures: food, rest, relaxation, sensuality, and something to get your hands on ahem...

Shaken & Strained

We can use all that patience because we'll get some very fiery breakouts of sudden assertions of independence, rebellion, doing your own thing, and standing up for the underdog. Some people will revel in the shock value of their sudden moves. It's actually the energy that got Trump elected - on a more personal level, imagine uncle Ed's funeral, and your cousin stands up and announces they’ll sell the house, get a divorce, go back to school and leave the country (club). Or any variation of the above. BTW they always hated uncle Ed, too. He used to grope them when they were kids... Urgh!!

Social Nets

Overall however, the energies around the Full Moon look like they can bolster any shocks. Friendship and sticking together especially will go a long way in buffering some of the fall out of the individual, or collective follies. Venus takes a lead – she rules this Moon and she is in reliable Capricorn. Female energy is strong around this Moon, and acts as an intermediary between two radical energies: The people whose wish for freedom and revolution could degenerate into coldness and brutality, and those who feel like they stand on the side of justice, but who with the danger of becoming righteous, arrogant and disdainful of those who disagree or have less education. Diplomacy and learning to compromise are big around this Full Moon!!

Women in Arms

Female energy, and women, play an extremely important role in the next two weeks. There's the sweet, diplomatic and balancing side, yes, and there's the tough love side at play as well.  Venus is trigger-happy on a strong star in the Archer... For some it may even be Cupid's arrow,  but generelly it looks like something more belligerent. Ceres, the mother asteroid and Eris, Mars’ sister, are equally very strong around this moon. It looks like a lot of revolutions and a lot of fights will center around the role of women, and the protection of the earth. Again, the North Dakota Access Pipeline is a case in point. Violate Mom at your own risk..!!!

Tune In & Drop Out

The strange cocktail that we're being served for this Full Moon is made even stranger by dreams-and-illusions-planet Neptune. Neptune is at an absolute standstill, less than one week before going direct, and on a very karmic point. The deluges, desillusions, dreams and visions to be had around this Moon are truly something else. We'll be dragging up some colorful critters from the bottom of the unconscious and meet some monsters that we didn’t even know lived in our cupboards. Those might also be fairies and unicorns though... good trip/bad trip ;) It's not a good time to do red tape work, sign contracts, or make business plans. Repeat: NOT a good time!! It IS a good time to get high just on your own endorphines. So put on the rose-colored glasses and off you go!!

Maverick Healing

As the Moon is in easy flowing aspect to Wounded Healer Chiron plus in aspect with Black Moon Lilith, expect some seriously shamanic and/or witchy qualities and people to turn up in your life. Embrace healing in all forms. It can come from unexpected corners, from someone you wouldn't normally trust (caution here though... use your intuition bc. you can also be fooled), or from some outcast place. The fringe looks appealing. But the fringe could even be the establishment if you're a hippie. The only thing is, what happens will break your routine, big time.

Remember for this Full Moon: if you look into the abyss long enough, you'll see the abyss looking back at you. For once that can be liberating! Happy Full Moon.