transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

2. New Moon October 2016 – To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

This Moon is a spiritual one; any revelations might be more collective than personal. It’s a Scorpio Moon on a couple of intense stars so expect some serious magic, passion and/or suffering to go down. Whether it’ll be through pleasure or pain, transformation there will be for sure. We can expect (dis)plays of power in world politics and perhaps our lives, but there is a chance for justice to shine its light in this Dark Moon time…

Damaged Goods

In Scorpio, the Moon enters a dark place, a bit like Little Red Ridinghood in Grimm's tale. Our innocent, sensitive side is not prepared for the possible hurts and bruises. We can lose our innocence and experience loss and betrayal, being thrown naked to the wolves... Those deep wounds can break us open and initiate us to a kind of wisdom that cannot be obtained otherwise. Or, they can make us bitter, lonely, hiding our hurt under a tough shell of knowing it better and not letting anyone come too close.

Interior Redecorating

With this New Moon, the choice is yours. If you dare to let go something you held dear, you believed in, if you can drop your "I'm a good person" mask and acknowledge there are some skeletons in your closet that are no Halloween decoration... then you can get rid of some heavy weights, and some real and lasting transformation can occur! Around this Moon at the Threshold of the Other World – Halloween – the night can be a pitchblack horror or a velvety blanket full of stars and wonder. With Scorpio, all depends on your attitude!

Soul Cocktail

The New Moon happens on one of the strongest and most mysterious stars, Khambalia in the Virgin. It’s also known as The Alchemist’s star, so expect some deep merging and mysterious processes happening in your psyche. The energy can rip you open to make you aware of what was simmering inside for too long. Or you will suddenly find yourself cooking up all kinds of magic soups and potions in your kitchen in the long autumn evenings, nourishing friends and family. You might be suddenly drawn to the bartender who mixes shimmering layers of liquids without mixing things up... I'll have a Zombie please! Check what cup you drink from then, might be the wholy grail or some date drug. Again, with Scorpio, you get the highest or the lowest.


Mercury, very close by, is on another mystical star, associated with Christian faith. Mercury has an easy flowing aspect to Neptune in Christianity’s sign Pisces. Can we expect some revelations about the earliest Christians, some manuscripts in a cave, or paintings coming to light at restauration works? One thing is for sure, we will receive messages around the New Moon and in this mystical November. More sensitive people – or people who are not completely blinded by their knowledge and assumptions – could get visions, notions of future events, or memories from times immemorial. It's like a psychic inundation, so keep your socks dry and tissues ready. Or just binge-watch some new season on netflix.

Brimstones and Hellfire

With that karmic/Christian influence, will we be tempted into some kind of martyr game? Christianity is the only religion that elevates victimhood and suffering to a desirable status. That glorification of sacrifice has opened the collective psyche to games of punishment and atonement, and to terrible slaughter and cruelty by rightous crusaders towards innocent people(s) for thousands of years.
So please watch for any tendencies to take on the Guilt of the World and get crucified for it - and don't hammer it home to someone else either..! Hide your toolbox just to make sure. 

Jerky Moves

In the days that lead up to this Moon, and the whole weekend,  sudden impulses and emotions could lead to accidents. Mars/Uranus in square bring about bursts of energy, nervousness and irritability that can damage relations, and inanimate objects. Don’t behave too aggressively at your workplace, especially with superiors, or electronic devices. Any annoyed undertone or impatient exchange could quickly turn into something surprisingly aggressive. Standing back at the right moment is a virtue…

Toe the Line please

Scorpio is also the sign of mafia, shady deals and sneaky manoevres. Be warned, any shady activities are under scrutiny this month, maybe there will be some kind of crackdown, with the law standing on the side of justice. This New Moon sets the tone for the whole upcoming month, including US election time… Let’s see. There’s a big chance of some dirty secrets being revealed and some tough love being dished out this month. Any kind of success could be coupled with restrictions at the same time. We might see a phyrric victory of sorts... So keep the books and looks clean. You'll be glad for it later.

Personal Revolution

Energies will run high around the New Moon, sudden moves and changes are in the books. Uranus is the only body in a personal sign. We are challenged to uphold our individuality and impulses in the face of overwhelming societal and interpersonal developments… Perhaps true changes can only be brought about by individual courage and commitment. We need to hold the torch, one person at a time, and like the philosopher said, some beards will get burned if you walk with the torch of truth through a crowded market place…

Take a dive in the darkness then, pass through the church yard and the zombie parade, run through your fears and illusions and penetrate into the real mysteries of your soul, and the world soul. We can enjoy the play in the world of forms, but there is no separation! Amen and Aho to that ;)