transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon 2016 – The Queen awakens

Ok people. This Aries Full Moon. Will. Be. Very. Strong. The energies around the Full Moon are hard to control, they are powerful, even ruthless. The Moon conjunct Rebel Planet Uranus and Warrior Queen Eris is all about fighting for what you want. What's worth it. And it might be that what's worth most of all are our family, our roots, and the earth herself...


The Moon is the most sensitive celestial body. It represents our emotions, nature and nurture, our home, roots, and the depth of the soul. In Aries, the Moon gets agitated, we have a short fuse and find it hard to relax. Anger can build up and make us explode all over or silently implode on ourselves…  We have an instinctual urge to act, to stand up against injustices, to fight for what touches our emotions, for our home, and to protect women and children. 

Mars' Sister

The Full Moon falls exactly on two very unruly and unpredictable planets, Sky God Uranus and Mars' sister, Eris. Eris is the warrior aspect of the Great Mother. She doesn't tolerate double standards, injustice, treachery, and any disrespect towards the female principle. Around this Full Moon, especially mothers, women, marginalized groups, or the public in general could start standing up against abuse, discrimination, loss of integrity in politics, and the mindless destruction of nature... Think of the Indigenous protest against the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Or the current political debates worldwide.

Up Close... and F***ing Personal!!

Hitting much closer to home, we’ll probably be hyper-sensitive to any threat to our security, our home, and our independence. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself losing it. Images of drawing a Japanese blade might pop into your head... playing loops of "Kill Bill" and you, all sleek in a yellow motorbike suit, mutilate your ex, your current partner, your mother, your father, friends, collegues, random people in the streets, or presidential candidates. Some people may really run amock, or a country might. Let's hope everyone keeps their fingers from any (red) buttons..!! Even if someone pushes ours ;)

Chorus Line

But things are more complex. We want to be free, we want to set firm boundaries and do what we want, and no interference in our home life. But we also want to connect, we want relationships, exchange, and harmony. This Full Moon is a clash between two equally strong needs. Freedom vs. commitment, standing up for oneself vs. keeping the peace; rebellion vs. compromise… You’d have to be in Cirque de Soleil to do that balancing act without tripping up. Put some cushions on the ground then if you fall hard… Also remember, words can hurt real bad around this time - resist the temptation to put out the verbal flame-thrower. You'll regret scorced earth soon enough...

Kindergarten Alert

This Full Moon brings out what has run unchecked inside of us for some time. Relationship patterns established since childhood can come to the fore and it’s up to us if we act out or cut them out. Aries is the sign of the warrior all right but also of the baby, of childish, immature behaviour. Time to check on your inner child then and be really honest: perhaps behind that innocent-bystander-facade, a spoiled brat is hiding!! This Full Moon can also bring out depression if we don't allow anger. It's a balancing act, once again...

Hitting the Fan

Relationship planet Venus is in hardcore Scorpio, and not in her best shape. Venus in Scorpio can mean that the shit really hits the fan in relationships. Issues around shared resources, intimacy, guilt and shame, betrayal and jealousy, come up and some deep and sticky fears can clog the toilet. Urgh!! Intense, spiritual sex could be a release, but more often than not we engage in psycho S/M with this constellation… hurting someone, getting hurt, and taking it for “love”. Beware of poisoned arrows, and don’t get a tattoo you’ll regret when the goth-mood passes.

Out 0f Hand

Another danger at this Full Moon is to become totally paranoid and/or obsessed by someone or something. You might hear some shocking news or be victim of slander…  better not to pass on any gossip, it looks like some serious distortions could take place. Another danger is to get involved in weird, passive-aggressive interchanges. Actually some of those might get out of hand. Think of someone who feels so threatened by something you say that they grab a knife and cut off your (whatever part you don’t want to lose). Watch out for stalkers, weirdos and avoid suspicous neighbor(hood)s.

Power Time

The ruthless power of this Full Moon gives us the power to shift the very foundations of our existance. So think, decide consciously, not out of an impulse. Emotions can hit like a tsunami at the Full Moon. Try to prepare for this and stay aware... Conservative communication, caution, and foresight are the redeeming qualities of the moment. If you don’t engage too much in emotional drama, all this intense, ruthless and aggressive energy can be used to make huge, constructive steps, especially professional and real-world related.

Earth Warriors

The amazing thing about this Full Moon is that the sun right now is conjunct Spica, the luckiest fixed star known to astrology!! It’s the ear of corn in the Virgin’s hand, symbolizing the bounty and care of the Earth Mother, and even more, the deepest mysteries of the planet we live on. In ancient times, the ear of corn was the symbol of the Eleusian mysteries, whose adepts came into contact with the earth goddess by drinking a potion made of entheogenic plants. These people - the elite of the Ancient World, philosophers, politicians, artists and educators - learned to align themselves with the secret ways, rhythms, and needs of the planet we live and depend on.

This alignment has been missing for almost 2000 years now, and man, do we ever feel it!! The planet is battered and bruised, and so are way too many of her creatures, including us. So use this Moon to come back in touch with what really matters. Eliminate stuff from your life. Cut off toxic ties. Find your tribe. Drive out of town, run into the woods and fields, feel the soil and get real. Happy Full Moon everyone!! <3