transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

May 2016 - Flower Power

May is the Earthy Month of Taurus… this year much more than usually! That’s because Messenger Planet Mercury is moving through Taurus for the whole month, and Venus too… until the end of May. The two soul planets will even meet and greet each other – that should be a day with some love/ly messages coming through. Prepare to declare haha! Or rather, use flower language like the Victorians did. A lily, a rose or picking dandelions in the meadow ;)

Down to Earth

More earth is added by Jupiter and Pluto in fellow earth signs. This makes for recurring opportunities for relaxation, grounding, finding peace and quiet, building structures (or rather, preparing and planning structures- Mercury and Mars retro, see below). It seems that many of these preparations will be meaningful, long-lasting, showing the way to something solid and real. Depending on your chart, this could express in any sector of life, work, family, home, love… but it seems we’ll be asked to pursue our holy flame and build something of real value. Many people will have fateful moments and insights this month.

Big Time Sensuality

Let’s start with Love. Venus rules sensual Taurus, and this year she happens to be in her home sign for the Taurus season. Double dose of love… Sweetness is in the air - flowers, birds, love songs, and chocolate for breakfast. No need to escape from earth when it’s that pleasant! This May reminds us that we animals. And that’s fantastic! We have bodies, needs, and senses. We are made to interact with other sentient beings and with Nature herself. This month, we’ll feel that!! Prepare for some sensuality going down for real. This energy is really strong and it could lead us down some very unexpected paths.

Step by Step, oh Babyyyyyy

At the same time, we have Mercury retrograde for the good part of the month, and Mars retrograde, too. That means we are advised not to forge ahead blindly. Take the time to smell the flowers, really! Not to space out though. Rather, take stock, recapitulate, and find you own values. An earthy, practical approach to your goals. This is a time to keep the feet on the ground. Don’t theorize, strategize! Take slow but steady steps to build the life you want. Start with your bedroom – new sheets? Flowers? Parfume? Then follow up with your business… make it beautiful and practical.

Rumblings in The Deep

Behind the beauty and opportunities this months, there is a challenging undercurrent which will force a transformation in some area of our lives, but most probably to do with intimacy, joint resources, and partnerships. A very deep psychic reset is possible. It will probably not come quietly… Things that happened last summer/autumn, and are not over yet could pop up. Those are probably connected to some really deep old patterns and really touch bottom.

Volcano Control

Anger management might be necessary – Mars retrograde means that anger could get out of hand or be suppressed and explode later - think, Pacific Rim. Smell the flowers – ground yourself!! Then procede with diplomacy. Which doesn’t mean, bow down. Be clear but not threatening or dominant. Really, you have a lot of cosmic support – or actually also support from the earth herself. Use it!


1st- 8th Retro Style

5 planets are retrograde. This is said by some astrologers to be a rare event with a slightly karmic feel to it. I am actually curious. Stay open and don’t go overboard with anything.

3rd I could be so lucky...

A day of expansion and generosity. Lightness. A good time to relax, or to make big plans. Don’t rely on sheer luck though, Jupiter is retrograde ;) (Sun/Jupiter)

4/5th Edgyyy

Expect the unexpected. Nerves might be on edge. Don’t start a fight out of mere impatience or frustration. (Moon/Uranus)

6th Reset your clock - It's Earth Time

New Moon!! Quite a good one. Actually amazing. A good time to launch something. You also might just enjoy the day, but depending on you, you might want to use this potent energy for building something that lasts (Grand Trine Sun/Moon /Pluto/Jupiter/North Node)

9th Downloading the Goodies

Magic day!!! Make a wish. Seriously, set intentions and goals or make a vision board. It’s likely that there will be revisions necessary later on, but the germ idea might be just great. Alternatively, go for a short trip or spa day and find inspiration through letting go! It’s allowed to be generous today, just DON’T overindulge in food, drink, or whatever your favorite vice might be (Sun/Mercury conjunction trine North Node, trine Pluto, trine Jupiter; Jupiter direct)

10/11th Intense...

Two really interesting days! In case you did go overboard yesterday, you might have a hang-over. Now you can get grumpy and start some tunnel vision negativeoutlook or keep right on partying. Take some action getting organized, and getting beautiful. Make sure you feel good in your home and spend some quality time with your closest ones. These two days are a mix of stressful and very lucky influences, but I’d guess the luck will outweigh the stress. We might actually use flirts, parties, surprise shopping to distract ourselves from some old problems... this time it’s ok though (keep the receipts though just in case…). Be happy, and you might attract some luck! (Venus/ Jupiter, Moon in Cancer triggers Uranus/Pluto, Sun enters Taurus Decan 3)

14th Valentine 2.0

Today’s like Valentine’s day three months later! If you’re still in love, enjoy!! If you don’t have a target for your romantic urges, still enjoy ;) Adjust your glasses to rose tint and see what happens. You could receive some kind of sweet communication today. Or something might start that will culminate in two month… awww…  (Conjunction Mercury / Venus in Taurus,  16th July conjunction again, in Lover’s sign Leo :))

15/16th Wink from the Galaxy

Pay attention today if you receive signs ;) Today is a good day to clean, air out, take care of yourself Virgo-Style. Cosmetics, diets, but all healthy and down to earth please… with a dose of fun. (Moon/ North Node)

18th Snake Charmers

Watch your nerves today and don’t be surprised if some people have a short fuse. Pay special attention if you have a partner, business partner or close friend – take a deep breath and don’t take tensions so seriously. You can look into the deeper causes of inner tension, just don’t act out so much. Something painful or transcendant may happen today (Moon Libra triggers Uranus/Pluto, Sun on Algol)

20th Twins Welcome!

Ups! Suddenly we feel like moving! Meeting new people! Chatting, writing, just aimlessly windowshopping… sampling life… There’s more mental activity for sure. This will get only stronger the next days (Sun into Gemini)

21st/23rd Hyperactive

These three days are potentially very interesting but also wobbly and tense. Double check facts, your to-do list, deadlines, schedules, and pause before leaving the house: did you leave your phone in the charger perhaps? Did you forget the postcard you wanted to send? Keys/sunglasses/headphones, anyone? ;) There could be a burst of sudden activity and a feeling of urgency. Emotions will run HIGH!! Cf. Anger management above. Take pause before you make decisions, the energy is not so stable, and you might have to decide differently later. (Mercury stationary direct; Full Moon; Moon triggers Mars and Saturn)

25th P-o-w-e-r

A tad depressing but at the same time very powerful and potentially lucky day… hm…!! Things from the time around the New Moon/May 6-9th may pop up again. (Moon conj. Pluto, trine Mercury, trine Jupiter)

28th Stings from the Deep

Uh-huuuu…  This is a good day to pay attention to the overall energy. Things might get a bit – darker? More profound? Soul(mate)-searching…  Scorpios will feel this for sure, late Taurus, late Leo, and late Aquarius, too. Perhaps not always pleasant. Some old unresolved stuff from last July/August/September might come up, again. Anger, revenge, betrayal, disappointment…. Other people may get an energy boost (those Scorpios ;)). Profound inner work and research are possible (Retrograde Mars recedes into Scorpio)