transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon April 7th, 2016 – Looking Back and Moving Forward

April’s New Moon looks a bit like the Roman God Janus. He was shown with two faces, one turned towards yesterday, the other to tomorrow. This new moon gives us a powerful push into the future – but we may still need to untie the last knots from those past years of change and realignment, 2011-2015.  

It’s all about… YOU!!

The new moon – and the coming month - is an ideal time for cutting cords and turning away from past hurts and problems. Moon and Sun are in close conjunction with Uranus, cosmic electrician and Awakener. New moons are all about new beginnings anyway, so this in an ideal time to get this party… ahem, year, started! 2016 began slow and sluggish, with so many planets in literally fishy Pisces. People found themselves drowning in moods, processing emotional wounds and endlessly caring for others (or pretending to)… Now it’s time to recenter on YOURSELF, your will, your plans and projects!!

The End of the End

We need to be really smart and alert because the moon triggers a specific stressful constellation: the one connected to the upheavals, revolutions, breakdowns and breakthroughs of the last years. It's the last time this happens. I repeat, THE LAST TIME...!!! Use this powerful ending & beginning energy. You might encounter someone or something that you’ve been struggling with in the recent past. It may be someauthority figure, boss or parent, it may be something like a difficult living situation or the unemployment agency giving you a hard time with the paperwork. Or maybe it’s an old, deep, dark fear, or a neurotic or even psychotic feeling that threatens your survival. Now is the time to deal with it. You have cosmic support!

Roof repairs

That feeling of support is new and was definitely NOT there in the last years. Now, authorities could suddenly decide in your favor. Perhaps your parents, or other older relations offer a hand financially, or practically. You could get access to a program, a lawyer, or contracts that you’ve been waiting for in vain for years. On a different level, inner barriers and resistance may suddenly fall away. You wake up and find yourself ready to take responsibility for your life. To your own surprise, you are putting in long hours in a project, and get organized. You file your tax report on time lol!!  You could also go back to school, aquire new languages or other qualifications. Or you suddenly take care of your tooth problems or repair your roof ;)

Missing (In) Action

The most important trend for April and through June happens on April 17th, but we feel it already. Mars, planet of energy, will, sexuality and aggression, turns retrograde. This takes away some of this moon’s momentum… Retrograde planets don't function the way they usually do.  Mars is very important for any new beginnings, and anything happening in Aries. But at the time of the Aries moon, Instead of moving forward, Mars is kind of just hanging…  

Digging Deeper

It seems that the universe doesn't let us off the hook. No, "Ok, now those hard times are over, let's get back to work". From April to June, we won’t be able to blindly charge forward and storm ahead into the future. It's a time to regroup and reconsider. Use the slowed down, more inward energy for mapping out your path and observing how you deal with stress and anger. Mars spends a lot of time on a scorpionic, dangerous star... Just pay attention to hidden anger and power games around you. See if you can manage situations without open aggression.

Strategic Withdrawals

Awareness will be even more important as Mars and Neptune have a tense moment – more like a tense month, actually. Overall energy could be lacking, or a late flu could catch up with you. It seems that our dreams and wishes are under scrutiny. Be aware of what motivates you, what you want, even sexually. An object that/of you/r desire might let you down, or you might be operating under an illusion. Many astrologers say you should not initiate new projects during this time. Follow your instinct!!

Make Love Not War?

While macho Mars is falling back, Venus enters the picture. The love goddess entering Aries just before the new moon means relationships will get heated up! Venus is not too comfortable in the warrior sign. But some ancient cultures, like the Aztecs, considered her the goddess of love AND war. Venus can be the morning and the evening star, she has two faces, just like this New Moon. She might carry the torch while Mars goes on his inner journey… giving us a unique chance to lead through caring, relating, and to see what the power of love has in store.

Cheeky Maidens and Burnt Cheesecake

At another level, Venus in Aries can bring more competitiveness and roughness to relationships. Or just childlike candor, fun and play. It could mean falling head over heels in love, rushing in where angels fear to tread… ;) Collectively, it’ll bring out love for sports, dance, sex and martial arts. Cheeky maidens, chicks with guns, impatient cooks who burn the cookies, camouflage fashion, and some gender trouble are all in the works for April...

Smelling the Roses

Mercury is in Taurus and brings a bit of well-deserved calm to the overall atmo. Lovers may be tempted to write poetry or do some ikebana and create their own spring bouquets. We should see a glorious spring with a lot of tender green and coy flowering… unless Venus comes in with a flame-thrower or shoots the football into the tulips haha!!

...and Planting New Ones

This next month, change keeps coming, even rapid, unexpected turns of fate. But after years of weeding out what we don’t like, we can finally plant sustainable seeds for new structures. After some final do-overs and perhaps breaks with someone or something from the past these seeds will start blossoming big time in autumn and beyond. One thing is certain though: the future won't repeat the past. Let's make that a good thing!