transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon April 22nd – Dare to Care…

April’s Full moon at 2 degrees Scorpio is deep and intense. This moon strikes right at the heart of anything it touches. There will deep feelings, passion, with the danger of hurting those you care for if you can’t handle the intensity. You do care for them, or don’t you? This moon is ruthless… and magical!

Make A Wish

This full moon is about coming clear about what we really want, about letting go what stands in the way of our desire, and about taking responsibility for our wish. This wish is most likely connected to our personal power, to intimacy, or sharing, emotional as well as financial. This full moon asks us to dare to desire without attachment… Whoever tends to cling and control instead of stepping back and leaving someone or something be for a while: This moon is made especially for you ;)

Bull Fighters

The sun is in Taurus – the sign of the peaceful bull smelling the roses… The early part of Taurus however is not so innocent. In this part of the Zodiac we find grandiose and ruthless dictators like Hitler, Lenin, and Saddam Hussein. The patient and easy-going Taurus nature shows a different aspect here, ruling with an iron fist and a self-will that can stand up to Scorpio any day.

No more Drama

The moon in Scorpio looks rather more vulnerable – if subjected to rude displays of power, one partner could revert to intrigue and backstabbing. However Scorpio is the sign of letting go – of the deepest trust once the personal hurts are overcome. So whatever forces you to deny your true self – let it go!! No blackmail. You've got the power...

All is Fair in Love and War

This moon is really strong also because its rulers are right now in powerful positions. Pluto just went retrograde and is giving off pure power vibes; so does Mars. Venus, the ruler of the sun in Taurus, is in warrior sign Aries and next to cosmic Revolutionary Uranus. All this might bring out Venus’ second face: in many cultures, she was actually a goddess of war. We have a great opportunity to be ruthless with anything that is off in our relationships and self-love. And we might have surprise encounters or insights that really shake us up.

Zombie Apocalypse

This moon works like a detox drink, it brings up issues that you had believed are behind. Past relationships injuries and injustices might come up. If something that should be dead starts to move, it's creepy... but it simply means something hasn't found peace yet!

Warts and All

Don’t pretend to be innocent at this time, then. Don’t try to play the good guy or girl. Own it all. Your passion, your desires, as well as your anger, your disappointment, your violence. That doesn’t mean acting out. But allow all those deep, intense feelings to be there, don’t judge them or try to ignore them. This will most certainly not work. You might encounter those energies through someone else!! So, confess to yourself. You have feelings. You are still hurt, you are more vulnerable than you thought you were. Or you might discover a powerful passion or yearning! Whatever it is, it’s you.

Being Right is sometimes Wrong

One of those old hurts could be connected to how we were nourished and cared for, or the lack thereof. Perhaps you never got enough of that caring, motherly love. Perhaps you were starved, or smothered… It’s time to move on from our childhood wounds and take responsability. To care, we have to stop judging and putting ideas over people. Did you ever hurt someone because you wanted to be right? It’s very common and it’s terrible. This moon tells us: if you love, don’t judge. Tame your mind so it doesn’t run amock on those you love – including yourself…

Cosmic Signposts

We can count on a strong underlying support for this Full Moon. The insights you have, books you read, friends you meet, even signs or slogans that catch your eye, could all hold cosmic clues. The truth is there, right in front of our eyes. And it wants us to see it! It’s time to revise and update belief systems we have. In fact, it’s a good time to detach from any belief and dare to see just WHAT IS. It’ll take discipline, but that discipline will pay off big time.   

Moon Surprise

One thing’s for sure: Something surprising will happen, and it may push us on a new path, ready or not. Something that started around the second week in April could now reach a first pinnacle, take a surprising turn, or explode in your hands. You could experience an amour fou that strikes like lightening (and usually wouldn’t last), or some other stroke of luck or fate. So stroke your new lover or get struck by some sudden insight... attach/detach...

This moon offers healing if we don't judge ourselves, and liberation through responsibility. Aho!