transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon Solar Eclipse March 8th/9th 2016 – Deep Sea Diving

Take a deep breath everyone and check your oxygen. March is eclipse season, and the first one is a real whammy. We have a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces, with the South node, Chiron, Mercury, Ceres and Neptune in Pisces too…

Gently down the Stream

All that activity in the sign of the Fishes indicates that this month, a lot of things will just flow away from us. New ones will come along, floating down the stream… Not fighting and self-assertion, but rather going with the flow will dissolve and resolve things then. Don’t rock it, row the boat gently gently… Use this time to regenerate and work slowly but steady. Don’t forget, with so much Pisces energy, things are not always what they seem. Clarity for important decisions may likely come later in spring, not in March. This is a time for dreaming and healing.


The new moon is a Solar Eclipse which makes its effects much stronger. Eclipses bring unexpected developments. If you have a planet or point that is touched by this moon, something or someone will be catapulted out of your life, or jumpstarted, faster than you can pronounce “New Moon Solar Eclipse”. It likely will be for your good because Jupiter is involved. Jupiter always means that in the end, it’ll be for our best… unless we bloat our ego and get reckless!

Power Healing

What happens in the next weeks is very likely to be connected to some hurtful stuff, as the solar eclipse is conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Chiron has been extremely important for months now and for sure continues to be so in March. For the last months, there has been extra powerful purging of old undigested stuff (aka shit) and cleaning of old wounds going on. Power-and-transformation-planet Pluto works with Chiron at this eclipse. Healing will have strong effects now and lasting, deep regeneration can take place.

Hitting rock bottom

With the moon's nodal axis aligned with teachers Chiron and Jupiter I think we will all see some pretty epic stuff going down. The next six month and especially this month will get us in touch with deep, very deep, old hurts. Those may also be old physical symptoms or problems. Insecurities and sensitivities, heartbreaks and nasty old family patterns all drift by like seaweed… Thankfully, to be cleaned from our system. However, the emotional deep sea diving of the last weeks and even months will probably continue for some time.

... and coming up again

In March we have an exceptional window of opportunity to do huge steps in healing. It's actually a constellation that occurs only once in many centuries. This time is really spectacular!! There might be “downloads” or sudden intuitions and insights flooding our minds. If you don’t make time for the depth but try to go on with business as usual, chances are you’ll get some nasty cold or something else forcing you to slow wayyyy down. Skimming the surface won't cut it. And it would be crazy not to use this magical time.

Time to renovate

The Eclipse makes an aspect to Uranus that suggests that deep cleansing goes hand in hand with new passions, surprises, freedom and future-minded thinking. While the sometimes overwhelming and painful transitions and breaking away of old structures continues, something unknown and innovative is slowly gathering momentum. It’s not all water and dreams this month, no no! There’s something brand new coming up, waiting to burst forth like the flowers this spring. Just getting well watered before… Who knows, the tears you finally allow yourself might be the nourishment of a new dream.

Fresh Paths

Mars has just moved into Sagittarius. So there is another impetus for moving ahead unencumbered. At least, let’s say, we get a nice little kick to do so. Mars is at odds with Mercury though, so maybe our urge to take action gets dampened a bit by a wet blanket or two. Insecurity, fear, or just the inability to focus could occur. However, that fire – water – thing is not impossible to navigate. As long as you stay away from too much fire water…  uplift your spirit please and don’t use spirits. We get such a dose of cosmic waves we need to keep our heads clear.

Solid foundations

At the eclipse, Saturn is stressing out the relaxed Pisces sun and moon with a square aspect. Saturn, strict teacher and taskmaster, will turn retrograde in two weeks and is almost at a standstill seen from Earth. This makes his influence (even) bigger. His main task is to keep us grounded and real so we can withstand reality checks. Especially when the world turns into a big aquarium like with this Solar eclipse... Saturn is the earthy counterweight to all that limitless oceany Pisces energy floating around.

Aiming high

Saturn is in Sagittarius, sign of higher education and foreign cultures. Building sound foundations includes checking your education, going for fresh-ups or courses of study if you find you lack qualifications for your work. It’s cool to go to school - or rather, imperative..!! Being on top of any law affairs, learning new languages or widening your horizon by travel are high on the bucket list as well. Saturn can help with not getting carried away spiritually, too... Find a way to make your ideals and visions real! Female wisdom warrior Pallas is working with Saturn, supporting practical, smart and strategically sound new paths.

Earth and water

Thankfully for the eclipse, there are a bunch of indicators for practical solutions and real progress. Ceres, the nurturing mother energy, Jupiter the benefactor, and Pluto all indicate that we'll get a chance to prepare the beets for spring and later reap some real results from new structures and hard work. It's difficult to imagine flowers in full bloom and ripe tomatoes right now, but the seeds are in the ground... if we put them there!!

Good care

So how can we best use the power of the water element this spring? Water seems innocent, but if you stand too close to the waves, they draw you in and there is no way you can control things anymore. Use some earthy qualities, dedication, discipline and discernment wherever there’s too much fears, unclarity, getting carried away by feelings, moods and memories. It's also a great time to move and feel your body regularly and eat organic, earthy, nourishing stuff. As I said for the last full moon, if you use substances it should really be not for fun but for healing, under supervision and with clarity about your aims.

When we put water and earth together we can make some miracles blossom. Enjoy Spring!!