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Astro Preview April 2016 - Love Explosions and Dips in the Deep

April starts off with a bang. The sun travels through the part of the zodiac most known for its thirst for Freedom, Fun, Action and Success: Aries decan 2. However, this April fool's day may turn out to be not so funny. Watch for explosions of any kind and don't play with fire!


Diaper rashes

April starts off with a big fat reminder about all that was hard and hurtful in the last couple of months, and even years. We’re back AGAIN with those old pains and discomforts. The good news is, we’re almost through. The first week of April is the “end of the end” of this topic, as they say… Like a baby left too long with full diapers, we’ll all feel quite sore, raw and sensitive, so go easy on any April fool jokes.

April 1st: Fast & Furious?

April 1st can bring some totally unexpected news, fast changes in plans, or jarring communications. As feelings run deep and are intense, pay attention to not grabbing your Samurai sword if someone’s stepping on your toes. If possible, do not meet your sweetheart if you have any lingering grievances. Postpone it for a few days. However don't choose---

April 5th&6th: Changing Gears

-----April 5th/ 6th. These are likely unlucky days for relationships, when yet again we feel like we carry the last 2000 years on our shoulders… yes, just us… sigh… We will be sensitive and possibly feel unprotected, like a fish out of water. Or like a fish drowning in an ocean of hurt feelings. April 6th is especially volatile as----

Love's Fire

-----Venus enters fiery Aries, and leaves that tearful, past-karmic-hurt-work-it-through-for-millennia Pisces territory. Relationships could get a bit TOO fiery actually, and people could explode with anger. But after that oversensitive, soft-shell-crab phase of the last months, this could be a real breath of fresh air!!!

Holiday Planning...

To counter all that fire, Mercury enters Taurus on the 6th, too. The planet of thinking and communication will stay here until mid-June. Our frazzled nerves will calm, we’ll talk and think more slowly and thoroughly, and get grounded. Who knows, we might even relax for a change. This is a good time to get to some serious holiday planning! Or get on the mat for some yin yoga or the like.

April 7th: Two-Faced New Moon

On the 7th, we have a New Moon!! It’ll jumpstart that brand new energy for the remainder of the month. This new moon pushes us to personal freedom! It asks us to look back to the deep changes of the last years, and to continue them where necessary. You might have to cut some final cords to anything or anyone that has held you back from being who you truly are. The energy is quite headstrong and unpredictable. However you’ll also feel a grounding, structuring and calming influence in the background. After years of weeding out what we don’t like, we can finally plant sustainable seeds for new structures.    

April 10th... tense.

The 10th is another potentially wild day. There could be some bad stuff happening in the world at large. Watch out not to lose your head. Beware of risks in the house or on the streets, be extra careful when you repair things or operate machinery. Also don’t wear your superhero cape today. If you get stuck in some wheel with it… we don’t want to see you get mangled!!

April 17th: Mars retreating

The biggest cosmic event in April happens on Sunday, April 17th. Energy-, sexuality-, will-and- war planet Mars goes retrograde. This is a big thing because it only happens every 2 years, and has consequences for all signs. Mars retro will last until the end of June. During the next months, we’ll become aware of some darker aspects of our own, and others’, energy, will, and sex drive. Mars lingers on fixed Star Antares in April, “heart of the Scorpion”… go figure!

Passive Aggressive

This is a very strong, potentially obsessive and aggressive, energy. People with a lot of Scorpio in their charts could get empowered by this, or carried away! The more fiery types might feel a drain, or may need to step back from direct action. Anger can get turned inwards during Mars retrograde, only to explode at a later time. Or if you're used to holding in, perhaps you'll explode now!

Preparing & Stabilizing

On a positive note, a lot of inner work can be done in this time, re-planning, re-arranging, retracing your steps. It’s the time to prepare the war/campaign, not start it. To help everyone stay calm, we have a stabilizing constellation in the Earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Mars retro will thus have some soothing, feminine counterforce… There are some indications that Mars could become a champion of the divine feminine during his retrograde period. Perhaps he’ll resurface from his journey a changed man! We’ll see in July.

April 18th: Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Just one day later, on April 18th Mars’ big brother Pluto turns retrograde, too. This adds even more transformative potential, but also danger, to this intense time. Pluto and Mars retro together are like a secret meeting between the heads of government agencies and some special forces guys and freelance hitmen… This aspect can spell secret affairs, or sinister plans in the making. On a personal level however, it doesn’t look so dark. If you use the energy correctly!

Show-Down in Pluto's Cave

With Pluto, there’s always danger to fall into victim mode. You need to empower yourself! If you don’t want to be abducted, take that dip into the abyss as your own hero’s journey… the hero always has to go down to the underworld at some point. It’s of course a symbol for confronting one’s own unconscious patterns and ancient fears. There’s the potential for some very deep and meaningful encounters, inner and outer ones, from now through June/ July/ August.  

Let the Bulls run!!!

On April 20th, the sun changes to earthy, sensual and laid-back Taurus. The moon is in Libra on this day, giving us a real break. Life can be sweet and easy, too... Have a nice dinner, smell some flowers, and rub your loved one’s back. Ahhhh…. However things don’t get too relaxed as the Ruler of Taurus and Libra, goddess VENUS herself, is actually still in Aries and on the 21./22. conjuncts Uranus, crazy rebel and explosive revolutionary. Prepare for some kind of explosion around that date. Perhaps it’s just a love attack! Someone throwing roses at you… ?

April's Full Moon - Passion Flower

Speaking of emotional explosions: here comes April’s Full Moon! On the 22nd, we’ll have a lunation in early Taurus/Scorpio. Plans or information that were in the works, or yet unknown, at the new moon two weeks ago could get revealed or be finished now. As just mentioned, Venus is conjunct Uranus for the Full Moon. As full moons make everything much more emotional and Uranus is a huge powerhouse of nervous energy… well draw your own conclusions. Either the fireworks of love continue or something with your sweetheart/bank account could get seriously out of hand!

April 25th: Scorpio's Heart

Another potentially strong day is April 25, when the Moon greets Mars on the Heart of the Scorpio. Ahem, hi… Run a scan on your house, health, and relationships: any weak spots might cave in. Make sure the knife is not too sharp when you cut your vegetables. Skip your martial arts training. Instead of getting a bloody nose, have a steak. Rare. Even if you’re a vegetarian. Well just kidding. Just find a way to handle this deep, slightly obsessive and perhaps a little violent energy.  

Smelling the Roses

The month closes with another retrograde. On April 28th, Mercury turns in its tracks at 23 Taurus. Together with Mars and Pluto freshly out of phase, this could become a really psychedelic experience. Thank Goddess it’s in Taurus. We will be able to concentrate best when someone (us?!) cooks some earthy, fresh vegetables for us. It's time to rethink our values and really get down to earth! If you have a garden, dig in… ask your friends if they need help gardening in case you don’t have one… put your hands in the soil. Listen to the birdsong. Find peace… We’ll need it!