transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse March 23rd 2016 – Burn the Bridges and Build New Ones...

Finally!! Winter didn’t seem to end, but this Libra Full Moon jumpstarts a brand new season. Coming to us shortly after the spring equinox, the Lunar Eclipse is charged with a lot of energy to get us going, especially in relationships. Sounds intense! When the moon turns red, it can be the color of passion, or of anger...

Boiling Over

Full moons bring emotions to a boiling point, doubly so with eclipses. It’s like the moment when the pot boils over – we just can’t contain the feelings anymore, they spill and leave stains. Some might burn in too… Aries is a fiery sign, so the cauldron gets fired up real good. Watch out for moods that spin out of control. The attack in Brussels just one day before the Full Moon is a symptom of that spill-over. Lunar eclipses are not called blood moons for nothing!

ME vs. US

On a more personal level, Aries is the headstrong sign of “ME”, Libra is the harmony and beauty loving, "underestimate-these-sweet-and-diplomatic-people-at-your-peril" sign of “US”. With the Aries sun illuminating the moon in Libra, we can expect drama, crisis and culminations in our relationships. But with the opposites so clear cut, we also have a big chance to connect and bridge the two sides!

Midnight talks and longing to connect

There will be a lot of chatting, heated discussions, and even confessions, between partners and friends. We will perceive our feeling and rational parts, both quite separate perhaps, but longing to connect. We can use the amazing energy to have a real exchange and use our differences in a productive and positive way. Mercury is conjunct the sun, supplying energy to talk until the small hours. To bridge the gap between the right and left, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, the analytic and intuitive mind for once...

War of Wor(l)ds

It might happen however that we become too rational, propping up “logic” thinking and facts against emotions and intuitions. In a relationship it may be that one of the two – probably the one with more male energy – will try to impose their thinking and reasoning on the more female/intuitive partner. This can obviously create drama and alienation instead of the beautiful attraction of opposites. Then this Eclipse can become a bloody mess that wounds deeply with insensitive, rationalizing or righteous words.

I Do It My Way

Thankfully, energy-, war-, and sexuality-planet Mars is placed in a very helpful position to both sun and moon. Conflict could actually be a good thing. Perhaps it's time to voice those grievances you feel towards your partner! Your will can serve as a guiding light through any conflict. Speak up and say what you want, just not in a hurtful, egocentric way. Tensions and anger can potentially be transformed into new beginnings or the ending of something unhealthy. This is the moment for burning the bridge then. You can cut those cords that bind you. Just make sure you REALLY know that's what you want..! Any endings are likely to be final.

Forest Yoga ;)

All those arguments can bring new understanding and reignite passion then, or draw a final line. Whether it's anger or excitement, sweating is really healthy around this Eclipse. Mars is in Sagittarius: It would be a great time to go to the mountains or any grand, open landscape. Do some hiking, biking, or cross country… Spend time with animals or become one, run wild, bathe in the mud, make the forest your spa ;) Even some good yoga will relax you enough not to get entangled in fruitless arguments about who is right or wrong. If you can, relax and open your mind to new points of view at this lunar eclipse!    

Smothering or Starvation

Having a warm heart and an open mind is crucial because there are some harsher cosmic constellations looming in the background of this Full Moon Eclipse. The topic of old wounds continues. This time, the focus is on pain and discomfort connected to nurturing and being nourished, and the motherly function in our lives. Topics from our family line could come up, probably the female line. A story about the great-grandmother who starved during the war could surface, or some dark secret about abuse... Or also - of course - an old heartpain.

Belly and Heart...

All this stuff is coming up because nature and nuture goddess Ceres is in exact conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer. They meet on the karmic south node, meaning something really ancient could surface. We'll be tuned in to feel the hurt of mother earth, and our own oldest and deepest pains about lack of nurture. The loss of the nourishing, deep bond with the earth and the mother goddesses has been the hidden wound and taboo longing of "civilized" humans for millenia. Don't act out by using overeating/drinking to numb that pain...  it holds a possible healing. 

Soul Food

Light a candle, light the stove and cook some local, organic stuff thatreally nourishes and grounds you. We underestimate the healing power of food. Vegetables that are taken from healthy soil can be very calming and satisfy a need for connection with our mother planet. Carbs, sugar, coffee, fast food and premade stuff are totally devoid of real nourishment. They work like drugs, leaving us dissatisfied and in need for the next quick fix. This eclipse and the following months might be a good time to pay attention to what does and what doesn't nourish us. Use some good plant oils too for supplying nerve food...

Disciplined Pleasure and pleasurable Discipline

There is another very powerful constellation in play during the eclipse. It means business and forces us to (re-)evaluate our ethics, business structures, belief systems and expansion plans… all of that uncomfortably connected with relationships, both personal and professional ones. You got it – it’s Saturn again. On a standstill just before turning retrograde, doubly powerful, the Lord of Karma squares Jupiter and Venus. This means serious scrutiny for anything connected to the pleasure principle and expansion!! It also means you’ll have to check if you’re good hearted in a deluded way – Venus in Pisces… aka helper syndrome…

Bridge to the Horizon...

Thankfully, there is a new, supportive cosmic trend on the horizon - a helpful connection from old to new, structure to freedom (Saturn to Uranus). That's our collective silver lining after all the years of shake-up. It'll return much stronger at the end of the year and stay for a considerable time. After the last rounds of demolishing are over, we can build new, solid foundations for the world we want to see emerge from the chaos... We have the power. Tons of Love & Enjoy the Eclipse!!