transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon February 8th 2016 – Tests of Humanity

Once a year, each sign gets its own New Moon, giving us the opportunity to jumpstart that sign’s energy and to reinvent ourselves. Invention is the clue to this Aquarius New Moon.... Aquarius is the inventor of the Zodiac. Future-minded, eccentric, freedom loving and group spirited :) Get your crazy on and let's do something extraordinary together this month!

Cosmic connections

The new moon chart looks like the planets are tuned into Aquarius’ group spirit. Basically all of them are crowding together in one half of the Zodiac, creating a whole bunch of aspects between them. Some of those aspects are easy, some tense, and some are in-between.  There's a very "family constellation evening" feel to it all. It looks like we will get a lesson in dealing with people this month, how very Aquarian... Let's see if we are a band of brothers (and sisters) or a bunch of mother*****.

Is that really me?

Sun and moon are in easy aspect with Uranus which brings a double dip of Aquarius energy for February. We might find ourselves be drawn to people that are very different from our usual crowd. We might feel the urge to be different from our usual selves, as well. We’ll have access to genius, innovative ideas and unconventional solutions to long standing problems. Some of the stuff can be even shocking – why didn’t we see or dare that before? Is that really me/ them/ us/… ? We’ll be curious and open also for strange(r’s) concerns.

Gender Bender

February is Carneval month. Prepare for some far out costumes and eccentric behavior for this one. Or you might bring the Carneval to your life with blue hair mascara and the sudden urge for a Bowie legacy outfit... Gay life/style could blossom this month, and some people might feel like experimenting with their gender roles and sexual preferences. Just pay attention, Mars in Scorpio can mean higher risk of stds.

Stranger, no danger

On a more serious note, there could be better cooperation between authorities and minorities or protesters, with unexpected compromises. In some countries, being openly gay or visibly different is still a big risk. Maybe some “strange” behaviours or groups that used to be frowned upon will be more accepted. That might even apply to the situation of refugees in Europe. They sure are in dire need of support they..!

Progressive Candles

Caring for strangers could be well starred as Vesta, the asteroid symbolizing devotion, sacred feminine energy and sacred (hearth) fire, is in conjunction to Uranus for the new moon. Unexpected alliances could form, connecting ancient beliefs or something our ancestors held dear with modern technology or humanitarian ideals. We could suddenly feel a strong urge to re-light our inner fire... Worship, care and meditation can happen in unexpected and revolutionary ways this month. They could definitly also be a form of protest or going against the grain. We are asked to stand up for what we hold sacred, and this might be new, unusual, or shocking the established order.

Solidarity Suppers

At the very least we should enjoy some devoted cooking and candlelight moments with friends, family, and foreigners alike. Attending to our whole human family is well starred – again, “refugees welcome” might be a manifestation of this energy. That's just fine as we’ll need all the harmony we can get. There’s a lot of energy flying around this month! The new moon is square Mars, and Mars as you know is in Scorpio which means that... 

Waive the right to be right

... disputes this month can get acrimonious and entrenched. Some of the conflicts could be provoked by righteousness and ideological differences. Ego-inflation or preaching to people could create unforeseen consequences. This probably applies especially to political debates with friends, collegues or strangers. One of the hot topics should be the whole question of refugees again... Ideological disputes are not a good idea. Guard against bickering and provoking your boss or people you work with especially. "Being right" could be downright dangerous this month.

Walk on the dark side

Mars in Scorpio energy has two ways of manifesting. Those nasty disputes, collecting hidden enemies that will try to get back to you later, ruthlessness and (sexual) violence, manipulation, power games... With harsh aspects from Mars to the Moon and Uranus, this kind of stuff could get out of control out of the blue. It's not the best time to meet Mr. Gray... lol! Use your radar at all times. At the same time, Mars makes some lovely aspects to benefectors Venus and Jupiter. That does spell lots of energy, possible deep connections, passion, meeting nice and powerful people who will turn out to support you. Again, your radar will tell you!

Carved in Stone

In love and in business, there might be some far reaching developments, bringing something to closure that was seeded around the January New Moon. Venus has reached the exact degree of that last new moon, 19 Capricorn. She’s sandwiched between Pluto and Mercury, so there’s a lot of power involved. Max. a week after this moon, the plans, words, and promises made in early January should come home to roost. Some people could get engaged or committed in love/business, while others will part ways. Whichever way, both developments likely will stick for a longer time.

Bunch of Benefactors

Venus and Mercury both are in positive aspect to fortunate Jupiter. All three being in Earth signs means any contracts or agreements should be solid and real. AND Jupiter is in conjunction with the North Node, making those agreements possibly serve our soul growth. That aspect is quite amazing. Mercury in exact aspect to the Node, and almost out of the retrograde zone, suggests that many ruminations, reconsiderations and older plans will finally find their (future-oriented) form. WOW.   

There is no future but the one we're dreaming of

At last, the position of Jupiter and Uranus suggests some really amazing and surprising developments for the month. We just have to adapt and stay flexible. Then, even what rattles us can contribute to our development, and every new step can mean the beginning of a whole new journey. All the more important to watch where our imagination, dreams and wishes take us. There seems to be something very open and completely unpredictable going on in the dream department this month. Perhaps we can all together dream a brotherly, sisterly, powerful 2016. Much love!!