transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon February 22th 2016 – Cleaning out the Closets

This full moon is a living paradox. The moon is in early Virgo, the down to earth practical and common sense Virgin. Meaning we’ll have a deep urge to clean, sort our closet according to color nuances, watch our diets and in general be REASONABLE.

Fuzzy Logic

At the same time, the sun is in Pisces, the one place of the Zodiac where the rational and conscious mind gets inundated by ego-dissolving trippy Neptunian waves… where we need to find a way to incorporate the mystical, the spiritual, the compassionate and artistic in our daily life or else we’ll try to escape to dream land by less healthy means!

What side are you on

So there’s a kind of role reversal here. Imagine the right brain hemisphere in a practical mode whereas for once it’s the left side who says, hey, you know, let’s just stay in bed and smoke another one… or watch a movie… Hey by the way, did I tell you about that incredible dream last night?

Sparkle sparkle...

What’s more, the sun sits exactly on one of the most potent fixed stars, Formalhaut. Formalhaut is known as one of the four Royal stars of Persia. They correspond to the four archangels and the four directions, Formalhaut being the “Watcher of the East”. Goosebumps eh? ;) This is a very dreamy, creative, ethereal and otherworldly influence. So another reason we might all go space cadet this full moon!!

Love Potion No. 9

There’s another far-out influence active now. It’s dream planet Neptune conjunct Ceres, the witch/ mom asteroid. Those two together spell… spells! Mother earth magic, herbal cures, and generally witchy things are on. This full moon could go down like a goblet of Ayahuasca. Even that regular glass of red wine could send your head spinning... That’s why I’d strongly advise AGAINST mind altering substances lest it be an (authentic)-shaman-supervised ritual setting. Use common sense if you do use anything. Then, anything could happen actually… We CAN reach Nirvana this Full Moon… Finally lol!!

First Cuts...

Since fall, we’ve had this amazing healing energy going around. Often the healing came in the form of old or new wounds… but whenever we were wounded, it was for bringing something to our attention that was anyway festering. Now at this full moon (and again next month) we will get another boost in that department. The floodgates of our past will open – perhaps through dreams, memories triggered by smells and sounds… flipping through the old albums…

... are the deepest

Whichever way, something will come up that we will not be able NOT to notice. We’ll get access to our oldest sore points and weaknesses. Perhaps we’ll be feeling more sensitive and as if without protection. We are touched, and many will be touchy. Touché... Maybe some old ancestral wounds come up, some ugly spots on white vests or family table cloths. But those deep, uncomfortable sensations are there for a reason. The thing is that those energies offer us – personally and collectively – an incredible chance to clarify and possibly heal some of those old ghosts. Use the remainder of the month and March to gain ground here!

Sense and sensitivity

The way to healing is to tune in those feelings but NOT to space off or revel in victim consciousness or self-pity (not that Pisces would ever do that – lol!!). Instead it’s imperative to stick to discipline, mind details, bring order and declutter our inner and outer spaces. Modest, attentive, steady. Follow your own discipline. Doesn’t have to be ice water buckets in the morning. Chose what’s good for you. Whatever you do, beware of overblown ego, self-seeking or exaggerations of suffering. This goes for exaggerated care for others as well.

Cleaning out the Closet

All these developments feel to me like the beginning of a real breakthrough. The position of the sun indicates that anything left unsaid, or still waiting for resolution from the last years’ tensions, unsettlements, and deep transformations, can one more time bubble to the surface and then be cleared... Good that it’s a Virgo full moon! Any leftovers or crumbs swept under the carpet will be thoroughly done away with. If they are sticky then we get some buckets of Neptunian waters to wash it all away for good. Perhaps some salty tears will fall, too…

New beginnings

Both Mercury and Venus stand by in Aquarius - ready with more buckets of water! They bring some logic and detachment in case things get too emotional. The only aspect they make is a relaxed hello to Saturn. Unconventional new friendships, relationships, contacts and ways of relating will form easily and not fade out. Talking and opening up to new and old friends alike is well starred. Mercury is exactly conjunct Asteroid Pallas – which means we’ll have an amazing ability to strategize and actually can be really smart ;) Those intelligent plans and strategies will then have sustainable effects and unfold over the next two weeks.


Saturn makes some tense aspects – this tension will stay for a longer time, but it means that we are still also in a period of testing. Testing our dreams, and testing our fortune. At this full moon, it’s a reminder that healing, and also making dreams come true, requires discipline and commitment. Being flaky won’t cut it!

Risks and Side Effects ;)

So for some, this moon might just manifest as in cleaning the whole apartment while listening to Mantras or some Meditation CDs. Some may sleep in, dream and daydream a lot, or try to drown an old lost love in lots of hardcore liquor… While others might get some edemas or hypochondriac frenzyand rush to the ER after home style cures didn’t work out ;) Beware of overemotionalism and perfectionism around the Full Moon, you might lose way too much energy with both... this moon is about finding a balance between too little and too much of either dreams or realism. It's also about balancing our own needs with those of the others.

Heaven & Earth

This moon has a strong cleaning and cleansing energy. Use it to celebrate and explore the magic even in your most mundane tasks. This is a moon to connect to the power of faith, the power of small things made with love, the power of caring on the base of self-care. Infuse everything you do with glamour, dedication and more-than-of-this-world visions. As Hamlet told his sceptical friend: “There are more things between heaven and earth… than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Go find your own proof of Magic!