transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

The Full Moon 23/24rd January 2016 – Back to the Future

January’s full moon occurs at 3 Leo. The Aquarius sun illumines the moon and encourages us to show our Leo qualities from an Aquarius perspective. And surely we're more than ready to leave the last years' deep changes and chaos behind and reinvent ourselves. Leo/Aquarius both are about being a unique individual!

Express yourself...

The difference is that in Leo, we want to shine and express ourselves. We want to stand out and love to be seen, basking in our own glory. In Aquarius, we are conscious that everyone else is a unique individual, too, and we are content being part of a group. However, we definitly need to live according to our own rules, no matter how crazy, rebellious, or just very futuristic they might be... and Aquarius hosts the full sprectrum from just mad as a hatter to genius. At the full moon, we will need to be ourselves then!! We’ll want some fun and games, we'll show our bizarre and unique side, but will (hopefully) look out for our brothers and sisters while we’re enjoying our act... 

Watch that attitude ;)

The one thing to watch with Leo and Aquarius though is, they are very self-willed and stubborn – hey, they're fixed signs!  Aquarius can get judgmental, trying to push their exentric rules and worldviews on everyone else. Leo becomes very rigid and inflexible when it comes to “theirs”. Their space, their expression, their project, their way of doing things. This moon could inflate some egos then!! Full moons highten emotions, and with Leo, the drama could have epic proportions. On the other hand, we could finally get to the point where we can’t take living in the shadow anymore – and then finally EXPRESS ourselves, get on that stage, sing our song, publish that far-out idea...

Power Booster 1

The infamous Pluto-Uranus square is still a powerful background energy. Its influence is activated by Mercury in exact conjunction with Pluto at the full moon. Mercury is stationing to go direct on the 25th and thus doubly powerful, but also unpredictable just like its big brother Uranus. Mercury at a standstill,  square Uranus, spells misunderstandings, wrong information, mishaps, doubt and confusion, or sudden lightning strike like surprises or challenges, all supercharged with a lot of nervous energy. Some B-Vitamins could come handy for the weekend :)

Power Booster 2

When we add the conjunction with Pluto, any of those misunderstandings, disinformation, and nervous energies come with an added punch. There's a possibility of naked power games, of really hurting someone with words, intrigues coming to light or secrets being revealed (latest after Mercury goes direct in 2 days). But the danger of Mercury/Pluto is also a danger for that which is unauthentic and not in tune with our true self. Breakthroughs on long standing issues that we couldn’t solve for years are possible - out of the blue. The “breakdown or breakthrough” stuff will probably unfold during the next two weeks until mid-February when Mercury leaves the retrograde shadow.

Lightnings and DeLaureans

Actually we could end up feeling like the Doc and Marty McFly in Back to The Future, trying to catch that lightning on a dark stormy night to take a jump through space and time!! Collectively and personally, we are indeed running out of time to finally take a leap of faith.  Leo/Aquarius want us to be that crazy inventor, or that rebellious kid who risks everything for the ones he cares for... time to knock out a bully, time to be ourselves and finally come out!! The other planetary factors can be like that thunderstorm, we just need to find a way to harness the enormous power of the moment.

Serious Love

Venus plays an interesting role. At the January new moon, the planet of Love and self esteem was in conjunction with Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, suggesting serious relationships, serious love and serious business! At any rate, no airy-fairy stuff going on in that department, but some grounding happening. Now at the full moon, Venus enters Capricorn, and at just 0 degrees, we’ll probably feel the mood shift towards some serious business in the background… In order to counterbalance all the emotional havoc and telenovela stunts of that playful Leo moon, we can develop our love for discipline and continue putting in the work to achieve our goals. Relationships can, again, get a more serious note. We’ll take a look at our resources, our money, structures, and schedules. Business relations will go much better with a bit of love. Do the work you love, and love the work you do!!!

Work and play

Venus is in a slightly uncomfortable aspect to the Full Moon, suggesting there will be conflicts around how much of our energy and time will get invested in work, and how much in fun. It seems many of us will have to check our work-life-balance!! The combination Capricorn/Leo will probably work best if we manage to put in effort, discipline and really check things off our list, THEN go out with friends or get into that rose petal bathtub and have that champagne… Or the other way round, if that works for you?!! Maybe it’s time for some out-of-the-box thinking here. Aquarius sun likes that, as surely does Uranus. So, "whatever works"!!

Martian dreams

Mars continues its very long journey through Scorpio and trines Neptune around the Full moon, adding stamina, determination and magnetic vibes to attract what we dream of. Mars travelsthrough his home sign and gives a pleasant backdrop of focused, deep energy. However, it widely squares the sun and moon, thus adding more of that nervous energy - suppressed anger coming out, anyone? For calming down the nerves, Marriage asteroid Juno is in conjunction with the Warrior planet, so there is a special flavor of devotion thrown in the Martian mix. Sometimes, arguments and confrontations serve to bring two people closer together! If the anger comes out of love and care for yourself and the other.

Motherly Paws

This goes very well with Venus in committed Capricorn. Although old structures and relationships will continue to crumble away, it seems the way is open for some beautiful new couples, business partnerships, and projects coming our way. The moon on a star in the constellation of the Great Bear, protective and motherly, fits in that picture. It emphasizes the protective qualities of this Leo moon rather than the ego part... Drawing on our protective, dependable human nature and tribal instincts can help us build beautiful, innovative, and just new ways of relating and doing business that can replace outdated, power-and-fear based structures. We'll have to fight and work for it, for sure, and that work is not over yet, but it'll be well worth it! Now go out and ride that storm. Happy Full moon :)