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New Moon January 2016 - Baby hit me one more time...!

Ok, this moon is a bit of a surprise. Obviously, the first new moon in the New Year should signal a new start – but this one doesn’t, at least not fully. The moon at 19 Capricorn triggers that ol’ Pluto-Uranus square that brought all the deep, structural changes, upsetting new developments, and leaps of freedom of the last 4 years, both globally and on a very personal level. So if you wake up in January humming “it ain’t over till it’s over”, know it’s not just you!

Time to get comfortable...

The uncomfortable friction created by Uranus and Pluto will last well into March. In the first months of the year, it might feel as if some of last years’ crisises just didn’t “go away”… At the same time, the square will push us to take action. This moon, for sure, kicks ass. We have mainly January and February, supported by very powerful moons, to take action to go that last step. And sometimes, with Jupiter so close to the North node, there could be some unexpected help and that long-standing problem miraculously melts away like snow on the first day of spring…

... in the unconfortable

As far as timeing goes, it’s really time to turn around and face that fear, that change, that very uncomfortable truth that’s been haunting you for the last year(s). Mars is in Scorpio, and will even retrograde in its homesign from April to June, giving us the energy to push through with those last barriers and obstacles. So now’s the time. Quit that job, publish that project, date, separate if the love has gone, move to a different apartment/city/country/planet :)

Dark revisions

Mercury is retrograde almost the whole January. So, many things you do, say, plan and hear in January will not be carved in stone. Chances are, there will be a revision, starting January 25th when Mercury goes direct, up until mid-February. So think strategically and practically. Some really upsetting, dark things could come to light – or things could seem dark and upsetting in January. This is due to the very Plutonic feel of this particular retrograde in combination with Mars in Scorpio. This could feel like a nose-dive off into the deep end for many!!

Careful with those bridges

Stick with strategical and practical despite the wish to finally make that scathing remark… to vent all the anger and disappointment of the last years of your marriage… Don’t, unless you really want to burn a bridge. But given Mercury’s retrograde, you could be forced to eat your words later. It may be smarter not to go all commando and leave scorched earth. Perhaps you can stay on good terms with your company/partner/whomever, so you’re able to sort out your joint resources, and all the financial, practical and emotional entanglements in the friendliest manner possible.

Paper Cuts

Mars in Scorpio can push us to fights and arguments over joint resources and intimacy – with this placement, you can hurt those best you are closest to. This is exacerbated by Mars in square to Mercury for the retrograde. Words can hurt..! So in January, be careful with those sms, WhatApp, emails... conversations could get out of control real easy. At the same time, this cosmic trigger-happyness is a rare opportunity to step out of someone’s control and dominion, on the job or in a relationship, and to cut through ties that have bound you for a long time!

Taboos and Triangles

Another topic provoked by this new moon could be jealousy. Powerful and not so innocent black moon Lilith is sitting at 15 Libra, completing the tension between Pluto and Uranus to a lovely T-square, the most pressuring planetary aspect combination. Black moon Lilith introduces an element of the taboo, especially concerning sex and (s)exploit(ation)s. It’s a raw, sexual power that often shows up in its lower vibration disguise. Porn, mistresses, orgies, perversion, you name it. Lilith can appear as the third, seductive party that destabilizes a couple, or a business partnership. Especially in opposition to Uranus and square Pluto, this looks pretty unpredictable.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Baby

But is it really that bad? It doesn't have to be! Black moon Lilith’s potential is the untamed energy of the earth and moon goddesses, fertility, creativity, fierce love, protection of the wild and innocent beings, and unbridled sensuality and lust. *Sigh* It’s up to us to integrate this energy so it doesn’t show up in its distorted form. For example, bring the power of your survival instinct, your guts, hips, and legs, to a business transaction. Dare to show your wild, rebellious side in your relationship, even if that upsets your own standards. Get involved into nature preservation, animal protection, go vegan… start a support group for refugee girls to protect them from sex predators. All these would suit that Black Moon energy. Or, speaking of suits… get yourself a totally sexy, black suit outfit and some lace to tie up your new bf. Ok, Lilith made me write that, lol!

Wild women and disciplined rebellion

Actually there's an stark contrast between Lilith's raw and untamed female energy and Venus in the next four weeks. Love, self-worth and relationship planet Venus is close to Saturn and thus very conservative. Although that might just play into that fantasy of the dark suit and business women with lingerie... Interestingly, there is a supportive aspect between the Black Moon and Venus - so will we be able to bridge two different types of femininity here? To make our untamed side match with discipline and patience (Saturn) and fuse that conservative businesswoman with the wildhaired activist? Tantric discipline and sexy social entrepreneurs, anyone? Sounds like a good way to defuse some of the tension, anyway!!

Moon Mothering

Another outlet for January's tension is to take good care of yourself and your family, friends and tribe. Nurture yourself, go to a spa, invite everyone to a huge dinner. Get creative, get out a canvas, write poetry, play with your children or get yourself some(one) to play with :) Be inspired by the moon, its changing face each day, and its softness. Playfulness, creativity, letting the inner child out to make some mischief, is a beautiful remedy this January. Cancer is the missing sign in the t-square… another way of the Cosmos telling us to look to our female side for answers if the going gets (too) tough. Happy New Year, again!