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Full Moon November 2015 – Get your bow out!!

This full moon means some serious business. It occurs in early Gemini, right opposite the sun, Saturn, and Mercury in Sagittarius. The moon is close to star Mirfak in the elbow of Perseus the hero – an opportunity to draw your weapons and slay your personal demons..

Welcome to Sagittarius season!

Actually Sagittarius season is a time for optimism, outdoors activities that leave the kids with ruddy cheeks, fun around the campfire, and hands-on experiences. “Just do it!” is a very Sagittarian motto. It might be time for studying also, or for philosophical musings. Sagittarius is always looking for the big picture, the truth with a capital T. The spirit of Sagittarius, ruled by jovial Jupiter, sometimes goes to excess a bit, but this sign’s generosity and optimism can be a real balm on the hearts of more serious folks.

Sunny side down

For the next two years however, Saturn (contraction) wanders through Jupiter’s home sign. Saturn can seriously cramp your style and bring real burdens or losses. Mostly of course, these come about because you’ve neglected certain aspects of reality – that tax declaration… or got carried away in optimism without doing the work. Sometimes they are things that happen to you just to make you grow. Feelings of guilt, anxiety, and inadequacy, can become much stronger than at other times. So watch out not to wander down too long those dark depression alleys… However, if you manage to get things done, Saturn usually hands out rewards – a more mature, more stable, more real person can emerge from the trials. The upside of Saturn’s transit would be a healthy dose of realism, practicality, commitment and responsibility – for the next two years especially in areas ruled by happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. And for those with their sun or important other points in the sign…

Slim christmas

It seems appropriate then that this Sagittarius season starts out with a full moon in opposition to taskmaster Saturn. For the next two weeks, Saturn’s presence gives us a hint that we might want to reign in any excessive or careless tendencies – forget those posh pastries and pre-christmas-dinners… In this sense, Saturn might help some people who deal with weight problems. For those who already are on the slim side, you better watch out to not hollow your cheeks – unless you want to be the Ghost of Last Christmas for the holidays!! Saturn in Sagittarius can also mean more hardship for refugees and other wanderers… helping might be the appropriate way to spend your free time in this holiday season.

Serious thoughts

In conjunction with Mercury, Saturn promotes serious and long term planning – which is good. It can also promote needless anxieties and worries about security, or just plain old Angst. However this is still an energy we can use for disciplined thinking, communicating and planning. Mercury is close to the red giant Antares, heart of the Scorpio. This is a strong placement that speaks to possible success but even more so to dangers of ruthlessness and actually – let’s hope not – more violence. You could also just simply hurt someone with words – with long term negative effect (Saturn) that was possibly not intended!

Burst bubbles or dreams come true?

Things might get confused in communications anyway as Mercury is within orb of a square to Neptune. Plus minus 1-2 days before and after the full moon, watch out for unclear communication, from you or others – perhaps both… Only one day after the Full moon, Saturn will make the first of three exact squares to Neptune. Again, two totally different energies collide here. Saturn, the ultimate realist, and Neptune, the ultimate escapist, dreamer, artist, visionary and sometimes, fool… This energy will bring incongruences between our dreams and reality to a head. We might abandon some old dreams, if we can’t find ways to realize them. Motivation can come to a standstill with Neptune and Saturn involved; or we could find ourselves subject to strong moods and (probably dark) visions.

Torn between… a lot of stuff.

At the time of the full moon, we might feel different pulls from seemingly incompatible directions or callings… We want to expand and be confident (Sag); but then, our attention might wander and we might get seriously detracted from our goals – why focus (Gemini)?. After too much delaying and dillydallying, we realize it’s time to face some serious business and tend to our responsibility (Saturn). But damn, there it is again, that wish to space off, smoke a joint, watch some tv and let the tax declaration be damned (Neptune). If you can, go for the discipline though. Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius is in Virgo right now. That sign does NOT daydream… mind the deadlines please!!

Dazed and confused

I’d even go so far as suggesting you don’t sign any important papers or make important purchases around the full moon, because that energy could just make you lose your head and overlook significant details.

There is one more thing: Venus is sitting at 19 Libra. That’s exactly the degree of last months’ new moon. She’s in opposition to Uranus in Aries… let’s hope for no more attacks as this opposition is always explosive. On the personal level, it’s another time for potentially shocking news concerning love and finances. Something that was still unclear in October could come to light now. Full moons illumine things. They are times of crisis and times of declarations. If you find out your ex is getting married, please stay calm – he wasn’t the right guy for you. His bride will soon call you to have a coffee… ;)

Bridge builders

Thankfully, Venus’ partner Mars is much nicer aspected in this chart. In fact, he’s the key. Mars is located in early Libra and has to use diplomacy and collaboration here. In connection to the full moon, Mars’ position suggests that to bridge the opposites and seemingly inconsolable differences that can occur during the next two weeks, we need to put our energy (Mars) in collaborating and building the bridges we need (Libra). We could also put our energy in throwing a lavish party with really well dressed guys ;)… However, with Neptune and Saturn so heavily involved, don’t use the fun to run away from your duties. Especially don’t use drinks, drugs, or one- night stands (rock n roll should be ok). There might be a sobering up that’s not all rose and fluffy.

Shooting at the stars!!

Minor planet Ceres enters the picture too at this full moon. She’s in positive aspect to Mars, in Aquarius. Together, they form a trine aspect, a positive energy exchange. That means that this full moon is good for caring, nurturing, and creativity – in your own unique way, for the future, and the higher good (Aquarius), and considering others and playing fair (Libra). Ceres forms a positive aspect to Saturn, Mercury and the sun, too, just like Mars. This aspect looks actually like a crossbow ready to fire – with the trinity of Sun, Saturn, Mercury as the focal point. How fitting for Sagittarius the Archer!!

So aim high, use your planning, discipline, and playfulness, put all your care and energy, and then bam! Your wish or project might reach the moon… Especially if it benefits others, too.