transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon October 27th, 2015 - Dreams and Reality

The coming full moon is a mixed bag astrologically. I actually can’t really get a hold on how to interpret it. There’s one very remarkable, lucky constellation at play that will definitely be felt by each and every one of us… but at the same time there are aspects that show adjustment will be necessary to fully profit from that little lucky cluster in the sky.

To have and to have not

The full moon on October 27th occured in sensual, grounded, pragmatic Taurus, at 3 degrees, opposite the sun in vulnerable, secretive, sleek and deep Scorpio decan one. Taurus is the sign that is all about having, and being. Scorpio is all about losing – losing control, losing yourself in deep passion or pain, and losing old habits, old forms, even your ego... Because of this, unevolved Scorpios often resort to tactics, manipulation and sometimes crude power games to stay in control at all costs. Scorpio is deep fear, too, whereas Taurus is serenity. The Taurus moon prefers to be rooted firmly in the sensual world and mother earth. This moon is conservative, and wants to hold on to her comforts, and her possessions, material and others…. But if you have something, you might lose it, right? The Scorpio sun wants to go deep and dip right into the dark stormy waters. So that’s what the polarity of this full moon is all about. Finding the balance between having and holding, and letting go, is a key for the next two weeks.

Super-uber –lucky little get-together

Taurus gets a backup by Pluto in Capricorn and especially by Jupiter, Venus and Mars in fellow earth sign Virgo. There’s no constellation that’s luckier than great benefic Jupiter in conjunction with lesser benefic Venus - throw power planet Mars in the mix and you got a really really special concoction indeed. Hey, that’s what’s on for the full moon! A triple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Mars in the blue velvet Halloween sky.

Office party?!

Jupiter/Venus/Mars would be absolutely amazing, sexy and glamorous in most signs. Virgo however is the most modest and moderated sign in the Zodiac… so this triple whopper is not as exuberant as it could be. Virgo is the sign of everyday work, service and routines, health and care, exercise and details… however, there still could be some really glamorous event around the corner, as this triple conjunction has a lot of power!!

Small is beautiful

For many people however, the major payoff might be fortunate results and harmony at the office and in everyday life… some sweet little surprises…  and good luck wherever we selflessly give, are disciplined and work stuff through. The glamour might show up in unexpected ways. You might find a super deal for the new super organizer that’s gold color or something… or your teammates baking a gorgeous birthday cake for you!! Well actually it really depends where you have Virgo in your chart, but the general tone of this uber lucky get-together is still more modest then might be expected.

No pain, no gain

So where’s the hitch with that lucky placement in Virgo then… well there’s actually two. As some of you may remember (rofl), there was the little matter of Venus retrograde this summer. That retrograde – topped off by harsh, karmic squares to Saturn - resulted in many break-ups and a lot of heart ache all over the place. Not to go to the general geopolitical situation on the planet right now… And those hard/heart aches and problems don’t really seem to come to an end for some of us. Why’s that, astrologically? Well, relationship planets Venus and Mars and lucky Jupiter keep making two quite uncomfortable aspects: an opposition to wounded healer Chiron and an inconjunct to Uranus.

The work at the end of the rainbow

That means, we are still being asked to find a better balance between the needs and wants of partners and others and our own personal freedom and individuality; and we may still have to go through some wounds to our self -worth and self-esteem regarding relationships and sexuality. It’s like the good fairy coming to you saying, there’s the pot of gold… but first you’ll have to complete these three tasks: Love yourself and your body unconditionally. Make peace with the hurts from your childhood and those you loved most. And dare to be yourself with others without being hurtful and hard! Somewhere along these lines. So that’s the homework people... a trine from Pluto to the lucky trio gives the necessary power to really transform ourselves. There’s the jackpot… right there… if you do your homework, Virgo-style.

Remnants and reminders

The new moon two weeks ago brought some challenges, with a harsh opposition to Uranus. At this full moon,  Mercury is just one degree away from the new moon’s position, and also opposite Uranus. Some things from two weeks ago could come to a head… stressful messages, sudden revelations, disturbing or hurtful news, or temper outbursts can happen. Whatever it is, the full moon supports us to let it go.

Dream a (big) little dream…

The good news: There’s a real chance to make art or to be inspired to some universal love around this full moon, as Neptune is in positive aspect to both moon and sun. Together they form a so-called learning triangle… So more homework, but this time it’s like dreamy-floaty creative and romantic at last. This moon could bring some magic moments and almost other-worldly inspiration. If you remember the homework, you might even make them last! Another strict teacher is at work because the moon is inconjunct with Saturn. So indeed, to profit from this full moon’s gifts, we’ll have to put in the effort. Dreaming things, then acting.

School for Dreamers

This is especially true as Saturn is in a square to Neptune. This is a long-term aspect that will stay with us throughout the next year, and which asks us to confront our dreams with reality. Dreams either become real or we’ll have to let them go. Finding workable solutions for big visions… combining compassion and commonsense… making business sustainable... are some key words for this aspect. Definitely we’ll need to find pragmatic solutions for humanitarian problems!! Also on a personal level. Too many people live their lives under the rule of fear, lack and rigid structures, thinking they can’t afford to follow their dreams, and open up to softer aspects of being human. In this sense: Happy full moon!!